WILPF Calls for a Reality-Based Administration to Act for Peace and Security

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom rejects the world vision presented last night by President George W. Bush. “The US cannot survive as a fortress state defending itself by torture abroad and surveillance at home” said WILPF Executive Director, Mary Day Kent. While many members of the House and Senate applauded the version of the world and nation outlined by the president, WILPF will continue to mobilize its US and international membership to live by the principles of global community.

President Bush wraps the patriotic banner around his disastrous Iraq policy, but 2005 saw the most violent months and the highest military death toll since the March, 2003 invasion. Additional hundreds of deaths at home in hurricane Katrina are “collateral damage” due to careless rescue efforts, inadequate warnings, and a shortage of resources and personnel that were sunk into the failing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Although security is brandished as our national priority and enormous funds are spent for Homeland Security, our futures are mortgaged by huge tax cuts for the rich, deficits, and careless incompetence.

The President’s health care boondoggle for the drug companies, the prescription plan D, sabotages health care just as “no child left behind” sabotaged public education. This illusion of public well-being is a fraud upon the people, just as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a fraudulent illusion of our security.

If the State of the Union were a sincere report to the body politic, the world environment and the future of human societies on planet earth would be the highest priority . In a reality-based administration the President would sign the Kyoto Accords and achieve international partnerships to end global warming. A reality-based administration would see nuclear disarmament and environmental responsibility as the two greatest security issues facing the nation and the world.

The President sees a country defended by walls, anti-immigration laws, torture, and the continuing Iraq war. He sees a country run for the benefit of an ever-wealthier few, no matter the cost to the rest of society. Corruption, repression, surveillance, and brutal neglect of social need are the President’s choices. In the year 2005 increasing numbers of citizens came to understand that the rationale for invading Iraq was a deception, and the government’s ability to respond to natural disaster was an empty promise.

WILPF renounces the goals outlined by President Bush and rejects the reality he described in his address. The United States needs to consider the needs of all its people and use our resources for all humanity, not global domination and destruction.

Feb.1, 2006

For information contact: wilpf@wilpf.org , 215-563-7110

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