Practicum in Advocacy FAQ

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WILPF Practicum in Advocacy at the United Nations
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is expected of the Practicum Participants?

  • Practicum participants must, with the support of their faculty advisor, arrange to miss classes at their home institution while at the Practicum.
  • Practicum participants will receive a packet of background readings, which should be completed before arriving in NYC.
  • Participants are expected to be very focused, participating in daily sessions held at the UN.
  • Participants are required to take notes at some official and NGO sessions that will be submitted to WILPF’s UN office.
  • Participants attend the breakfast briefings held each morning to prepare for the day.
  • In the evenings, participants, faculty and staff have dinner together and attend evening programming, which may consist of debriefing, expert speakers, receptions, a play or film, or group discussions.
  • While in NYC, participants represent the Practicum and WILPF, and are expected to comport themselves in a collegial and professional manner.
  • Practicum participants must complete an evaluation of the Practicum before leaving New York at the end of the Practicum.
  • After the Practicum, participants are required to share their experience and knowledge gained with their home institution and/or communities. This may take the form of writing a press release or other news story, giving a lecture/slideshow, or doing another kind of presentation.
  • Proof of this post-Practicum dissemination must be submitted to the Practicum directors before the Certificate of Completion can be issued.

2. What is meant by “Students should also identify a faculty member from their home institution who will help negotiate collaboration between WILPF/NWSA/CWHHR and the student's university”? What is required of the Faculty Advisor?

  • The purpose of identifying a faculty member at your home institution is to assist you arranging your absence from your home institution. By attending the Practicum, you will be missing a full week of classes.
  • We ask you to identify a faculty member who will agree to write a letter of recommendation and permission for you to attend the CSW. The letter of recommendation should be addressed to the professors of your classes for Spring 2011 semester. It will ask them to formally excuse you from classes for the week of the CSW. These terms/agreements should then be written into a letter of permission which is then circulated to all of your professors.
  • Ideally, this faculty member will also be a person that you can dialogue and work with upon your return from the CSW, sharing your experiences, thoughts, and who can assist you in bringing your post-CSW project to your campus.

3. What are the criteria for participation in the Practicum (i.e. do all who register get to attend or is there some competition involved)?

  • We select a total 20 participants to make up our delegation. Last year there were 80 applicants. Admission is based on the strength of your essay, as well as diversity. The kinds of diversity we take into account while assembling the delegation include regional; graduate, undergraduate, and professional students; nationality; relevant life experience; major/area of study; ethnic or other identity.

4. Is the program open to international students?

  • (International students currently studying in the United States with student visas are welcome to apply.
  • We cannot accept international students NOT currently studying in the United States because we are not able to assist with the Visa requirements for international students.
  • Canadian students are an exception and are welcome to apply because visa requirements are usually not a problem.

5. I am currently an ABD PhD candidate. Since I have finished my coursework and passed my exams, I am no longer enrolled as a full time student. Is the Practicum open to full time students only?

  • If you are still working on your dissertation, you are a student by our definition and eligible to apply.

6. I will be completing my undergraduate degree in December and plan to go on to graduate school in the future. Can I participate in the UN Practicum?

  • Find a faculty advisor, someone whom you will be asking to write letters of recommendation for you in the future. If you can enlist the support of a faculty advisor, fill out the application and it will be considered by the selection committee along with all other applications received.

7.Are there restrictions on the number of students from any given institution who can attend this?

  • There is no restriction on the number of students attending one university. We do like to have diversity; it just depends on the applicant pool that year.

8. Can faculty attend?

  • Currently, the program is only for students. However, please let us know of your interest, since in future years we may have a program for faculty.

9. Do we need to be affiliated with a specific UN registered NGO to attend?

  • Yes.  WILPF is a UN registered NGO.  Your admission to the Practicum includes a year’s membership in the US Section of WILPF, and we will facilitate you getting the badge required for entry.

10. When is the final decision made about the applicants?

  • Acceptance, Regret, and Alternate letters will be circulated on or after November 22, 2010.

11. Can you give me more info about the scholarship opportunities?

  • Scholarships are disbursed during the admission process, after all applications are received. The application has a section where students are asked to identify the amount of financial aid they need. All students are expected to raise at least part of the cost of the Practicum themselves. Practicum directors determine how the scholarship money is awarded based on the particular needs of the applicants received and the amount of scholarship money available. Please note that scholarship funds are limited and it may not be possible to grant the full amount requested.  

12. What is included in the Practicum fee?

  • The Practicum fee includes lodging for 7 nights, meals from arrival to departure, registration at the NGO Forum and any other events we attend as a group, and a 1-year membership in WILPF.

13. Is transportation to and from New York City included in the price of the Practicum?

  • No, students are responsible for arranging and paying for their transportation to and from New York City. You will be informed of the time before which you must arrive on Saturday, February 19 and after which you may depart on Saturday, February 26.

14. Where we will be staying in NYC?

  • Housing during the Practicum will be at the Beekman Tower Hotel, 1st Ave and 49th Street, New York City ( The Beekman is an all-suite full-service hotel a few blocks from the UN on First Avenue. You will be staying in large suites with kitchenettes. Each suite will have one queen-sized bed and a queen-sized sofa bed. We will also have a larger suite in the hotel that will be our headquarters for the week. Breakfast and dinner will be eaten as a group in that suite. Daily briefings and evening programming will be held there as well.
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