Occupy Updates


A roundup of WILPF actions at Occupy sites around the country:


Lucy Vacera (left) and
Elllen Tharp (right) talking with an Occupier


From Philadelphia, Doris Loder reports that branch members are supporting the Occupy encampment, along with taking action: “The spirited Philadelphia Grannies have had a table there every day with info and support, providing credence and a respected voice to this phenomenally growing movement for change now!” she writes. Across the state, Edith Bell says that the Raging Grannies are also active at Occupy Pittsburgh, and the local WILPF branch “is working with AFSC training for the Friendly Ear project to help solve internal problems through listening.”


“WILPF members participated in two Occupy Palo Alto actions,” Lois Salo reports. “Our Raging Grannies sang an ‘occupy' song outside of Walmart on Black Friday in addition to our ‘don't buy war toys’ songs. We had some male singers so we may have to rename ourselves ‘Raging Grannies and Grandpas’.” In Massachusetts, Virginia Pratt writes that the WILPF branch has set up a “rapid response team” to support Occupy Boston.


Triangle Branch member Lucy Lewis points out that WILPF has a long connection to the location of the Occupy Chapel Hill protests: “Peace and Justice Plaza, the site of WILPF's weekly Wednesday noon vigils against the Vietnam war from 1968-1973, has been the site of subsequent WILPF vigils and rallies over the years, including a rally and singing by Raging Grannies from around the country at the WILPF National Congress in June.” The Grannies have been making regular appearances at Occupy Chapel Hill, and they have posted videos of WILPF member Vicky Ryder’s new songs.


In Des Moines, the branch has made a donation for the purchase of supplies, and members are a frequent presence at the protest site. Strong Feisty Woman Award winner Maggie Rawlands is directing the weekly teach-ins at Occupy Des Moines, and WILPF members Jan Corderman and Mary Hanson Harrison took a trip to New York to visit Occupy Wall Street.

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