Join DISARM! in Ensuring a Nuclear Free Future

STOP NUCLEAR MISSILE TESTING NOW! On February 25, shortly after midnight, the Pentagon and Strategic Command plan a test launch of another Minuteman III intercontinental missile from Vandenberg AFB. It will be aimed at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, in the South Pacific. Read MacGregor Eddy’s article on page two of the current Global Network Space Alert. Download a flier you can adapt for leafleting or letter writing. Write to your editor, your Congresspersons and President Obama to stop these tests and work for a Nuclear Free Future now. Contact MacGregor Eddy with questions about the vigil at Vandenberg AFB and Carol Urner for information about the one at El Segundo AFB in Los Angeles. 

EDUCATE CONGRESS ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND POWER: Reserve your space NOW for D.C. days with WILPF and Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Saturday March 17 through Wednesday March 21. Click here for a housing reservation form and links to ANA for registration and more information on D.C. days. Most members can pay their own way since costs are low and benefits high. We will have limited funds available for those with high travel costsIdeally Branches will help members attend who can return with new knowledge and motivation to organize in their own communities for a nuclear free future. Contact Claire Gosselin for questions on housing reservations and for other questions on D.C. Days or to let us know you are registering.


Links and information mentioned above to stop nuclear missile testing:




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