WILPF Commits to a Nuclear Free Future

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days

WILPF Works for a Nuclear Free Future

By DISARM!/End Wars Issue Committee


Yoko, through whom we meet the sur-viving Hibakusha in "Our Life to Live," prays by  Hiroshima's floating lanterns

Please send news and reports of Hiroshima-Nagasaki events to Carol Urner at carol.disarm@gmail.com, DISARM!/End Wars convener. Click Read more below for additional resources including the Hibakusha: Our Life to Live DVD.

This is the time to involve your city Mayor and/or City Council. Is your Mayor already one of 192 U.S. Mayors for Peace?

Check here to see if and when she/he or one of your former Mayors has enrolled your city. If yes, thank him or her publicly and invite participation in your events. If not, it is time to enlist him or her now!

Share with your community and elected officials the resolution calling for nuclear weapons abolition by 2020 passed unanimously by U.S. Mayors June 16 at their 80th National Convention this year in Orlando Florida.

WILPF is promoting "Hibakusha: Our Life to Live" for Hiroshima Day preparations, on Hiroshima day or at anytime during August Nuclear Free Future month and throughout the year. Contact David Rothauser at david_memoir@yahoo.com for the DVD. Also request information about the Boston Branch campaign for an Article 9 amendment to the U.S. Constitution, similar to the one in the Japanese constitution provided by the USA after World War II.

For a list of WILPF and I-CAN campaign resources for information and action on global nuclear weapons abolition click here (PDF) or here (Word doc).

For Jackie Cabasso's summary of the Mayor's Resolution calling for nuclear weapons abolition click here. Excerpts from this or the actual Resolution can be shared with Hiroshima Day participants, in fliers, in letters-to the Editor or with Congress and Opinion Leaders.

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