Protest of Unmanned Drones Held at CIA Headquarters on Jan 16

A protest was held January 16th at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.   
The focus was the increased use of CIA armed drones in Afghanistan and now the Pustun areas of Pakistan.  
The event was organized by Peace of the Action and Cindy Sheehan

Advancing Women as Peacemakers: From Jane Addams to Security Council Resolution 1325

Advancing Women as Peacemakers:
From Jane Addams to Security Council Resolution 1325

WILPF’s special initiative will raise the profile of women’s active engagement in conflict resolution and prevention. Our initiatives will focus on three areas:

1) Educating the Public about the History of Women Peacemakers. The development of an interactive online gallery bringing together documents stored at the New York City Public Library, the Swarthmore College Peace Collection and Hull House Museum in Chicago and providing a venue for visitors to share stories of women peacemakers they’ve known;

2) Women Today as Catalysts for Demilitarizing U.S. International Relations. Three interconnected public events (a train-the-trainers conference, an awards banquet, and a national speaking tour) drawing on the expertise of women peacemakers who are seasoned by hands-on experience in conflict areas across the world. These events are aimed at raising U.S. women’s awareness of themselves as the most important catalyst for de-militarizing our country’s international relations. We will invite, as partners in various events, sister organizations who have been instrumental in the implementation and ratification of SCR 1325;

3) A New Generation of Women Advocates for Sustainable Peace and Human Security at the United Nations. Redoubling our existing programming to train college women in advocacy inside the United Nations; we will be running two, week-long practica during the spring of 2010.

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