RAGING GRANNY SONG: WILPF is 94 years old!


Some of you are still celebrating the Christmas  holidays. I'm also looking forward to 2009 with a WILPF themed, Raging Granny song.

This song was first brought to the grannies at the 2008 Des Moines WILPF Triennial by Cappy Israel, WILPF/Raging Granny from Santa Cruz CA. Believe they have a new edition of their songbook.

I've misplaced my songsheet so here is the first verse from memory. My goal is to memorize the verses, accompanied by my uke and use it in 2009. Think it's ok to add your own verses.


Tune: When I'm 64 (Beatles)


When we get older, losing our minds

Many years from now

We'll still be raging in our flowery hats

At the Democans and the Republicats.

Where there's injustice, where there is greed

Where there's waste and war,

You'd better heed us

You'll still need us

When we're 94!


Our San Josel OWL/WILPF sang it at a December OWL/WILPF Holiday program.

Peace and Best wishes,

Granny Shirley Lin Kinoshita

WILPF-Raging Grannies San Jose CA branch


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