Calling all WILPF Raging Grannies!

As your erstwhile song leader from the Triennial Congress, I just wanted to send a note of thanks for participating on stage and at the water acton at the Des Moines Farmer's market. Think we perked otherwise serious business up a bit. Thanks so much.

While I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Congress my primary regret was that there was so little opportunity to share ideas and songs. This blog spot is my hope of remedying this shortcoming.

Some of us were still singing while we waited in airports to board. Ellie Bluestein from Fresno asked me to send her the lyrics of 2 songs I sang there. Any of you also want "Got Gas?" (tune: Marine Corp anthem) or "Hey, Look us Over, Women Proud and Strong?" (Tune: Hey look me over).

Hope we can keep in touch.

Peace & blessings from Granny Shirley

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