Space for Peace Conference

The biggest effort of the Disarm Committee this spring will be the Global Network Space conference in Omaha (April 11-13), where we will be confronting Strat Com, the agency which controls the buttons for both nuclear weapons and war in, from and through space. Rhianna Tyson and Jennifer Nordstrom, both formerly with WILPF Reaching Critical Will, will lead our WILPF workshop on Space Law or Space Warfare. MacGregor Eddy of our DISARM team will be there with her wonderful CD power points on Strat Com and war profiteering corporations pushing space warfare. Yvonne Logan is coming with the Director of the Peace Economy Project based in St. Louis. Hope to see more of you there. We have one feisty member in Omaha, more in nearby Des Moines – and St. Louis, Springfield and Minneapolis—aren’t all that far away.

Visit the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space for more details.

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