Take Action on Iraq

The Senate is expected to vote next week on a non-binding resolution rejecting the escalation of the war in Iraq. Write your senators today. Urge them to support the Biden resolution (S. Con. Res. 2) that rejects the escalation of the war as an important first step. But Congress should also articulate a political strategy that includes support for peace talks among Iraqis, support for a regional peace process that includes Iran and Syria, and a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops while also limiting the president¹s power to wage war against Iran and Syria

Also: Contact your Congressperson on H.R.508 Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007 Barbara Lee (D-CA), Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma) today introduced the Bring Our Troops Home and Sovereignty of Iraq Restoration Act of 2007, sweeping legislation, which would establish a 6-month timeframe for withdrawal for all US military forces from Iraq, provide a framework for bringing stability back to Iraq, and fully fund the VA health care system. The proposal is a direct response to President Bush's challenge over the weekend for those who oppose his planed escalation to put forth a plan of their own. Woolsey introduced the bill during a press conference held this afternoon in the Capitol.


Rep. James McGovern (D-MA) is expected to reintroduce H.R.4232 which would prohibit further use of Defense Department funds to deploy United States Armed Forces to Iraq. Funds could still be used to provide for:

the safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops; consultations with other governments, NATO and the UN regarding international forces; financial assistance and equipment to either Iraqi security forces and/or international forces. In addition, the bill would not prohibit or restrict non-defense funding to carry out reconstruction in Iraq

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