Information Clearinghouse: U.S. Aid to Palestine

The WCUSP Campaign acknowledges that U.S. foreign aid is a complex topic. We have compiled a clearinghouse of information on aid as it has been historically distributed in Palestine, distributed after the sanctions imposed on the Hamas led government of Palestine, and how aid is allocated globally. 

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CRS Report for Congress
US Foreign Aid to the Palestinians

Arab American Institute
Talking Points on US Aid to the Palestinian People
If Americans Knew: What Every American Needs to Know About Israel/Palestine

The Palestine Center, an educational program of the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.

 “The State of Public Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” 11-16-2006

“The Demographic and Economic War against Palestinians” 11-03-2006

“The Gaza Economy” 10-02-2006

Gaza Strip Economic Development Strategy

Talking Points on US aid to the Palestinian people
To protect US interests in the region and avoid a humanitarian disaster in the West Bank and Gaza, it is imperative that the Quartet—the United States, European Union, United Nations, and Russia—reiterate their commitment to providing development assistance, humanitarian aid, and support for building democratic institutions in the West Bank and Gaza.


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