Take Action with WILPF on a National Level

You don't have to be in the streets to be an activist! Are you a WILPF member, looking for some other way to put energy into WILPF's work? Perhaps you have free time at odd hours or you prefer to do your activism from your home? Maybe you're ready to get a national perspective on seeing the links between issues that WILPF is famous for? Find out more about opportunities with the Mini-grant Monitoring Committe and other national WILPF volunteer openings!

Most WILPF members act especially on the local level—whether as individuals pursuing WILPF issues or as branch members carrying out carefully developed local plans. Also, you can be involved as a national or international WILPF activist. As a WILPF member, you can find your place at all of these levels!  


If you're interested in successful and impactful WILPF political programs, you may qualify to advance the work of WILPF's Internal Mini-Grant Program by serving as a member of the Mini-grant Monitoring Committee.




Or perhaps you would like to consider one of our other openings? 


In most WILPF work beyond the local level, you will work via email and phone calls with other women from across the country. However, some positions have particular geographic requirements, due to the nature of key components of their responsibilities. The Mini-Grant Program role is only one of many and varied ways that individual WILPF members can become involved with national-level work. Please consider both of these kinds of volunteer opportunities!


The WILPF mini-grants program supports and encourages the program work of Issue Committees, Branches and members by providing small grants (currently ranging from $250–2,500) to fund projects that serve WILPF’s mission and vision and that can be shared and replicated to have a national impact. The Monitoring Committee follows the work of grantees to support and track their efforts to build our program or launch new initiatives on emergent issues.


Perhaps your skills or interests lie elsewhere? We are also seeking:

  • Issue Committee activists, 
  • U.S. WILPF United Nations Representative, 
  • National WILPF Congress organizers, 
  • Individuals with particular background experiences and knowledge for national committee roles, 
  • Other openings

If you're not a WILPF member, join today, so you can learn more about WILPF and qualify for these openings! Join WILPF todayFor further information, please contact nominations@wilpf.org.

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