May 23 2006 Program Update


Advancing Human Rights

DISARM!! Dismantle the War Economy
(Details on these items and more are on DISARM UPDATE. Focus issue is Iran and India: Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power. Go to .


May 20 Armed Forces Day demonstration at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Co-sponsored by WILPF DISARM with participation of California WILPF Branches near Vandenberg. Check DISARM UPDATE for details.
May 28 Shoshone people demonstrate at Nevada Test site against Divine Strake simulated nuclear bunker buster test. WILPF endorses the Shoshone actions and MacGregor Eddy of DISARM team will represent us there.
Recent Branch Actions: May 13 Philadelphia Branch sponsored Phyllis Bennis on Challenging Empire: How, People, Governments and the UN Defy U.S. Power. Read the book! Watch our website for Boston Branch report on successful recent meeting with WILPF sponsor Yolanda King on living the way of nonviolence. More reports on great Branch Events on . Send yours!
Reports on DISARM and the UFPJ nuclear tent, April 29 are now up on our DISARM UPDATE website. DISARM works closely with the UFPJ nuclear weapons working group led by member Jackie Cabasso.


June 23-28: World Peace Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Four members of DISARM team and Susi Snyder plan to go. ABOLITION 2000 and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space annual international meetings will take place there. Register NOW!

August 6-9: Time to plan for Hiroshima Nagasaki week. DISARM can provide information on corporations near you profiting from nuclear weapons. Raise community awareness of WMD in our midst!

October 1-8: Keep Space for Peace Week posters and event registration forms are ready now. Let the WILPF office know how many you need. WILPF is co-sponsoring the week nationally and internationally.


Advancing Human Rights

We are seeking organizational endorsements for a shadow report documenting US violations of Article 20, paragraph one, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), prohibiting "any propaganda for war." If you are connected to any peace and justice, civil libertarian, or media advocacy groups who might be interested, please e-mail Gillian ( or Laura ( and we'll be happy to forward the report along with endorsing procedures to the relevant organizational contact. This report will be submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee at the end of May for consideration in advance of the committee's meeting with US government's delegation in July. Resolutions condemning US violations of the ICCPR and the International Convention Against Torture have been introduced at the annual meetings of the American Humanist Association and the National Women's Studies Association. If you would like help drafting a similar resolution for adoption by a group to which you belong, please let Gillian or Laura know.


Women & Cuba

1. WILPF endorsed the May 20 Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba National March and Rally in Washington DC. We encourage all those who can to attend this important event to protest current U.S. foreign policy towards these two countries. Similarly coordinated events occurred in other cities including Los Angeles and Seattle.

2. WILPF has also endorsed the Trienniel U.S.-Canada-Cuba Conference to be held on June 9 - 11 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. for more information, check out The conference will have representatives from all of the Cuban provinces and will be the largest delegation to visit North America.


Haiti Issue Committee Report, April, 2006
Haiti Featured at the Venezuela Solidarity Conference:
In early March, WILPF Haiti Issue Committee members, Marge Van Cleef, Joan Drake, Jacqueline Nerrette and Shirley Pate, offered a workshop on Haiti at the National Venezuela Solidarity Conference that was held in Washington, DC. The workshop was well-attended and included a lively Q&A session. From solidarity activists to Venezuelan government officials, it appears that Haiti is a priority and will always have a place on the Venezuelan agenda.

Haitian President-elect, Rene Preval, Visits US:
The President-elect of Haiti, Rene Preval paid a visit to the United States during the week of March 27. He first visited New York where he participated in a special UN Security Council session on Haiti. In this session, Mr. Preval stressed the need for significant international assistance to help rebuild Haiti. Further, he requested that the UN peacekeeping force, MINUSTAH, remain in Haiti a while longer to establish security in the country. Yet, he specifically stated that he wants MINUSTAH to focus its resources on training Haitian police, whose numbers he plans to increase once he assumes the presidency.

Mr. Preval arrived in Washington on March 29. Members of the Haiti Issue Committee participated in activities surrounding the visit of Haiti’s President-elect, Rene Preval, to Washington, March 28-30. Mr. Preval was received at the White House by George Bush and was received by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States. The final event in the US was a talk before (and with) the Haitian community of Washington. Over 400 attended.

It should be noted that regardless of the venue, Mr. Preval was consistent in his remarks about the need to help the poor of Haiti.

A very insightful assessment of the challenges that lie ahead for President-elect Preval and the people of Haiti can be found in the April 1, 2006 press statement of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) entitled, “Giving Haiti’s New President a Good Launch,” at:

May 18 – Day of International Solidarity with the People of Haiti:

It was on May 18, 1803, during the slave revolution, that the flag that would represent the soon-to-be Republic of Haiti was born. It is a huge holiday in Haiti and wherever Haitians are found in the Diaspora. Over recent years, the Haitian military and ex-soldiers have tried to claim the holiday as their own. But, the people maintain that it is a day to rejoice in their independence from colonial occupation and should have nothing to do with militarization.

In this spirit, several Haiti solidarity groups are sponsoring an international day of solidarity with the people of Haiti. They are asking that those who wish to organize an event in their community consider organizing panel discussions and teach-ins, show Haiti films, hold a protest, etc.

You can find complete information about May 18 Haiti Liberation Day Activities at:
Submitted by Shirley Pate:

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