Kevin Pina debuted his newest documentary, “Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits,” in Washington, DC on June 4.  The Haiti Issues Committee of WILPF along with the DC Branch of WILPF sponsored the showing. Pina is the founder of the Haiti Information Project and is an editor at The Black Commentator.

“Bandits” details the international conspiracy that led to the kidnapping of Haiti’s democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the death of over 4,000 of his supporters, and a brutal UN occupation that continues to this day.  Over 100 people attended the film.  As the film closed, a stunned silence was followed by thunderous applause.  For 40 minutes Pina, answered questions from the audience. Most questioned were prefaced with concerns about a serious lack of information on Haiti in the US and that the little information that is found here is so heavily biased against Aristide and seemingly mouthing the official US line.

Pina also showed the film in Columbia, MD, on June 4 sponsored by the Howard County Friends of Latin America (HoCoFLA).  He received a similar response to the film as he did at the Washington showing.

HoCoFLA and the Haiti Issues Committee are working together to bring Pina back to the DC area for a tour of area colleges and universities.  Check back on this page later in the fall for more information.

If a WILPF Branch is interested in sponsoring an appearance by Pina with his film, please contact Shirley Pate at:

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