June 8, 2007 Program Update

Next Update Due: Thursday, June 21, 2007


Important Update: June 10-11 Protest, Rally, Teach In, WILPF Contingent meeting space

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign

Save the Water Campaign

DISARM Issue Committee

Haiti Issue Committee

Important Update: June 10-11 WILPF Contingent in Washington, DC March to End the Occupation!

The WILPF contingent will be meeting on the Northwest Corner of the West Lawn of the Capitol, on the corner of Pennsylvania and 3rd St. We will have a WCUSP banner and wearing WILPF buttons.

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East

The WCUSP leadership team continues to find articles of interest to members regarding current events in the Middle East.  Many have gone out on the listserve and are posted on the website.  We are monitoring internal struggles in the Palestinian leadership, the difficulties imposed by the separation Wall, checkpoints, and high arrest rates.  We are trying to educate members of the U.S.  government to look at the whole picture when visiting the area, and when in diplomatic discussions.  Some members are attending the demonstration in Washington, D.C.  this weekend in opposition to Israeli occupation and will report back.  Congressional visits are part of that event, as well.  Others are holding local support demonstrations.

Save the Water

Coalition aims to stop Lake Invasion

BY STEVE WALSH Post-Tribune staff writer

A coalition of Great Lakes environmental groups are calling for a moratorium on international shipping to stop the introduction of more invasive species like the zebra mussel.  Read more: (http://www.post-trib.com/399537,glwater.article)

Save the Water campaign related films available from the National office. One of the films available is “Fuere” which details the struggle to reclaim Bolivia’s water from Bechtel. “Capitalizing on Water “ , a film depicting the story of Felton flow, the dynamic grassroots community group in Felton, CA working to reclaim local, public ownership of their water supply from a multinational corporations,  are also available.  Also, contact Kate at the national office to order Water bottles and T-shirts while they are available. There will be several workshop presentations offered by the Save the Water leadership team at US Social Forum to be held in Atlanta.  Your attendance will be well rewarded to those of you who participate. Check their website for details.

Water Racism

A report was released recently by the United Church of Christ’s Justice and Witness Ministries program. The report shows that more than 9 million people estimated to live within 1.8 miles of the nations 4123 commercial waste facilities, and more than 5.1 million are people of color.  Conclusion: People of color make up just a quarter of the general US population, but they constitute about 60 % of those living near waste facilities. Another manifestation of Environmental Racism.


Go to DISARM UPDATE at www.disarm.wilpf.org for continually updating resources to plan for Hiroshima Day, Space for Peace Week, and to take action NOW on key disarmament legislation in Congress.  Check the June Calendar for information on the US Social Forum and DISARM workshops there.  Read latest good news on the proposed treaty banning cluster bombs.  Soon you can post reports and comments directly to the UPDATE, but for now send them to carol.disarm@gmail.com .


For more information and background on the activities of the Committee, go to www.wilpf.org/haiti.  On June 4, at the request of International WILPF, the Haiti Issue Committee submitted a paper to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) concerning human rights abuses in Haiti.  The Fifth Session of the UNHRC will take place in Geneva June 11-18, 2007 and Haiti is one of the priority countries under review by the Council.  The paper will be posted on the website.

In addition, the Committee sponsored two showings of a new documentary by Kevin Pina, “Haiti:  We Must Kill the Bandits,” in the Washington DC area on June 4 and 5. The film is a stunning chronicle of human rights abuses committed by both the Haitian National Police and the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti against unarmed Haitians. The Committee has extended a hand in solidarity and sisterhood to a group of women in Haiti (KOLEKTIF FANMI PRIZONYE POLITIK) who have mounted an impressive campaign to obtain the release of their relatives held as political prisoners in Haiti.  Finally, the Committee is preparing for a workshop on Haiti for the upcoming WILPF Congress in Bolivia. 

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