New Home For WILPF - US Section

September 15, 2008

Dear Branch members,

As you have been notified via Peace & Freedom (Spring '08) and discussed in May membership calls, the Jane Addams Peace Association is selling the building on Race St in Philadelphia at WILPF's request. The building does not meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards and the cost to make it accessible is prohibitive. In addition, the building will become more and more economically infeasible as time goes on, so we decided that in order to streamline our operations moving forward, we need to sell as soon as possible. To that end, the building has been listed with Colliers Realty at an asking price of $1,050,000.

We formed a Site Committee to recommend to the board a new home for WILPF‘s National office. The questions remain as to where the new WILPF office/s should be and we are looking to our membership for feedback as soon as possible.

Click here for Site Matrix and Interactive Map of Potential Sites for WILPF:

Branch contacts: Please print out this letter and the supplementary information to share with your branch members


The most important questions are:

What do you want/need/expect from the national office of WILPF?

Is it important to have a centrally located physical office? Please prioritize your reasons for/against.

These are the criteria the committee has been discussing:

  • Lobbying
  • ADA compliant
  • Public transportation accessible
  • Vicinity of viable branch
  • Transportation hub airport, train....screen for major hubs
  • Economy of or buy
  • Workforce/volunteers

Which of these is most important to you/your branch?

Should we have more than one office?

Should we have staff working from home/branch offices?

Let us know if your branch has an office

The board approved the Site Committee's recommendation that we acquire temporary (for about a year) office space to be able to sell the Race Street Building as a vacated building. We are currently considering suggestions for locations in Washington, DC and Boston ....please contact us right away if you know of inexpensive spaces that might be appropriate.

Please discuss these issues in your branch meetings and respond to us as soon as you can at:

Thank you,

Site Committee:

Pat O'Brien, Chair, Boston, MA Branch

Regina Birchem, Irwin, PA

Libby Frank, Philadelphia, PA Branch

Robin Lloyd, Burlington VT Branch

Barbara Nielsen, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee, San Francisco, CA Branch

Ellen Schwartz, Sacramento, CA Branch

Terry Futvoye Micus, Detroit, MI Branch

Ellie Bluestein, Fresno, CA branch

Madeline Duckles, Berkeley-East Bay, CA branch

Laura Roskos, Co-President, member of Boston, MA Branch

Stacey Ferguson, Director of Operations

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