What you can do to help WILPF Pakistan

You Can Help!

Many of you have been asking: what can I do to support the work of WILPF Pakistan?

WILPF Pakistan wants you to continue to work towards CEDAW ratification in the U.S. and to curb U.S. arms sales and military presence in the region. And, that is our long term responsibility. In addition, you can do something more tangible that will help strengthen WILPF Pakistan right now.

Special fundraising appeal for International Travel Funds

This past month, WILPF members across the country have learned firsthand how our government’s policies and actions are impacting women, children and men in Pakistan from Sameena Nazir, the founder and president of WILPF Pakistan. In addition to a grueling schedule of panel presentations at the United Nations in New York during the meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women, during the past month Sameena has visited eight branches, often addressing several local audiences and media outlets, and made herself available to members across the country via WILPF's first live webinar on March 16th. She has given generously of her time and energies, and now is our chance to give something back.


Last week, Sameena wrote to the board of WILPF U.S. asking if we could offer financial assistance through WILPF International to support a small delegation of WILPF Pakistan members in attending the upcoming conference of the Association of Women in Development (AWID) in Istanbul, Turkey. Sameena’s ability to connect and engage activism at the village/municipal, national, regional, and international levels is impressive. Consistent with that vision, her request for funds noted:

“There are some very important meetings and panels that we want to attend on women's human rights issues. In addition we want to meet and network with women from Afghanistan and Iran and India who will come to this meeting so we can work with them in the future also.”

WILPF U.S., WILPF Detroit and WILPF Pittsburgh are jointly able to contribute $1600 to support the delegation from WILPF Pakistan. Now, we are challenging you to match this sum through your on-line contributions. Between March 17 and March 21, all on-line contributions received through our website will be bundled and sent to WILPF International for WILPF Pakistan’s use.

Please give as generously as you can to support this effort. WILPF Pakistan is a new section in a region of the world where WILPF’s message and approach can have a huge impact. Let’s demonstrate our commitment to strengthening their work by responding to their modest request. Please act now to support the travel plans of WILPF Pakistan.

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