February 17 2006 Program Update!

Next deadline: Thursday, March 2

1.WCUSP Campaign
2. Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee
3. Corporations v. Democracy Issue Committee
4. Program Committee
5. DISARM Issue Committee
6. Haiti Issue Committee

1. WCUSP Update:*

The leadership team of Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East is working to receive board approval through the consensus process to proceed with actions as an organization against a piece of legislation which would severely restrict US diplomatic and humanitarian cooperation with the Palestinian people as a punishment for the results of their recent parliamentary elections. We find the erroneously-named 'Palestinian anti-terrorism act of 2006' (H.R. 4681) to be a mean-spirited bill which would cause a great deal of human suffering and would put our own nation in further danger of attack. We are opposed to it on humanitarian grounds, and urge you to oppose it also. (We are close to consensus on this issue; for more information go to http://www.endtheoccupation.org.)

2. Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee:*

The BBC has been busy. Donna Lamb and Sha'an Mouliert presented their workshops Being
an Effective Social Justice Activist and Creating Caring Communities at the National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) in Washington, DC, February 4-5 where the BBC's new brochure debuted. The brochure was a group effort. Kate Zaidan did a wonderful job designing it. A full report of the conference along with pictures will be posted on our website. Sheila Martel from Leonardtown, MD, also attended the conference. Vickie Fouts of Fresno, CA, is organizing
a book study group, they will be reading Paul Kivel's UPROOTING RACISM. The committee has been very supportive of each other and we have discussed several issues amongst ourselves using non-violent communication, thanks to Jeanmarie Simpson of Reno, NV. Our membership has grown by two Julia Federico, an intern at national and Lettie Polite from Ashville, NC, one of the original co-chairs of UFORJE.
submitted by Sha'an Mouliert - chair

3.Corporations V. Democracy Issue Committee:*

Columbus in October: Michael Greenman reports that the national organizing committee for the October national conference on corporate accountability will convene in Columbus on Feb. 24-26. New Project in Des Moines: Members of the Des Moines branch (www.unitedfordemocracy.org) have revised the 10-session CCP, APR course for their next presentation of the course on April 2. A Feb. 4 strategy session marked the beginning of a "United for Democracy" project that identified three focal points: campaign reform/voter- owned elections, communication with legislators, and greater awareness of the corporate power issue. Reaching the Public: Members of the Bloomington (IN) branch have discovered the joys of castigating Wal-Mart, then watching themselves doing so on local access TV.

4. Program Committee *

What exactly does the Program Committee do? The following—on the role and goals of the committee—is drawn from our work plan for the year. And wait ‘til you see our activities!

Purpose of the Program Committee: To contribute to the fulfillment of the mission, goals, and objectives of WILPF-US and International by advancing the program of the US Section.

“Advancing the program” includes activities to

1. Facilitate coordination and collaboration among the campaigns and
committees and the branches, with special emphasis on promoting
the campaigns at the branch level;
2. Identify and strengthen program around common interests and
emerging issues;
3. Identify and address “gaps” in program in relation to the
section’s mission;
4. Maximize opportunities for involvement of members in programmatic
5. Recruit new members by promoting involvement in programmatic
6. Further fundraising efforts around program activities.

5. DISARM Issue Committee*

Susi Snyder just confirmed that wider WILPF will join DISARM in co-sponsoring /Space for Peace week/ with Global Network this year, and we invite you all to help us, locally, nationally and/or internationally. Yoshiko Ikuta has just translated into Japanese our /International Women's Day/ Greeting to be shared with Japan WILPF and thousands of other women there, expressing our support for the pacifist constitution's Article 9 and our shame that the U.S. is fostering the rebirth of militarism in Japan. GOOD NEWS: The judge will allow MacGregor Eddy to make her case in court challenging Vandenberg and the Federal government on the basis of the Nuremberg Principles and international law on March 16, and many California WILPFers plan to join a rally of support at the Santa Barbara Federal Court House. Read details on these items and more on our DISARM UPDATE accessible from www.wilpf.org <http://www.wilpf.org/>.

6. Haiti Issue Committee*

Shirley Pate & Joan Drake of the Washington, DC, Branch; Jacqueline Nerette of the Baltimore Branch; and former WILPF Board Member Marge Van Cleef of Bryn Mawr, will co-lead a workshop at the Hands Off Venezuela Conference sponsored by the Alliance for Global Justice at George Washington University's Elliott School of Foreign Affairs in Washington, DC on March 4 and 5.

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