National Call-In Day on Cluster Bombs

November 5 is a Global Day of Action against cluster bombs. People all over the world are taking action to urge the banning of these indiscriminate killers. The call-in day is a chance to show senators that there is strong public opposition to these inhumane weapons in the U.S. and strong support for S.594. The bill would substantially restrict both the use and export of cluster bombs by:

1) requiring that they not be used in areas where civilians are known to be present, and 2) requiring that they have a dud rate of less than 1 percent (meaning that they will leave behind fewer deadly submunitions on the ground after the combat ends).

Make calls on Monday, November 5, any time. Regular business hours are better, as you will get to talk to a real person (instead of leaving a message). If you can't call on November 5, please call on another day.


You can call the Senate toll-free: 1-800-352-1897. When you call, you will automatically be redirected to the Capitol switchboard. Ask for one of your senators by name. Once directed to the office, ask for the legislative assistant who deals with military and national security issues. Urge your senator to become a cosponsor of S.594 and to work for its passage in the coming year. Then call back and ask for your other senator.

Current cosponsors: Feinstein (CA), Boxer (CA), Harkin (IA), Mikulski (MD), Kennedy (MA), Bingaman (NM), Brown (OH), Whitehouse (RI), Leahy (VT), Sanders (VT), Cantwell (WA), Feingold (WI)

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