Senate due to vote on RRW

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the Reliable Replacement Weapon during the week of June 25.

The House Appropriations Committee has already voted to zero out funding for the RRW. The Committee said that, almost two decades after the end of the Cold War, the United States does not have a plausible nuclear strategy and essentially put a freeze on long-term spending until we develop one.

Their report states: ³The Committee believes it is premature to proceed with further development of the RRW or a significant nuclear complex modernization plan, until a three-part planning sequence is completed, including: (1) a comprehensive nuclear defense strategy, based on current and projected global threats; (2) clearly defined military requirements for the size and composition of the nuclear stockpile derived from a comprehensive nuclear defense strategy; and (3) alignment of these military requirements to the existing and estimated future needs and capabilities of NNSA¹s [National Nuclear Security Agency] weapons complex.² Email or call your senators and tell them:

The RRW will not be significantly more reliable than current warheads.

Current warheads are at worst 98% reliable and will continue in this state for the next 30-40 years. The warheads sit atop missiles that are reckoned to be about 90% or so reliable, which swamps the unreliability of the warheads themselves.

The RRW is not a ³replacement.² Current plans call for using the RRW along with, not instead of, the current W-76. · The RRW will not save money, especially because existing warhead types are not going to be retired but retained for decades.

· The real objective of the RRW is to maintain a nuclear weapons manufacturing base, forever. The Department of Energy, no matter how far into the future it looks, cannot envision an America without thousands of nuclear weapons (The US nuclear stockpile is currently 10,000 warheads).

The above information from the Federation of American Scientists For more information go to;

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