WILPF Statement on the Election

November 3rd, 2004

Throughout the Presidential campaign, George W. Bush has emphasized his intention to continue the key policies of his first administration:
• preemptive war
• rejection of international law
• contempt for negotiated resolution of conflict
• deception of the US people, our representatives, and the world
• building a national security state
• rolling back civil liberties-particularly for women and minorities
• redirecting the economy to serve the very rich and the corporations they control
• and the ultimate violence of reckless disregard for natural resources, the environment, and the future of the earth on which we depend.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has challenged, opposed, and protested these policies for the past four years. We now call on all citizens with a commitment to peace to rededicate our efforts to policies that will:
• restore our Constitutional liberties
• bring an end to invasions and occupations
• reconnect the US to our obligations under International Treaties on disarmament, the environment, and international law.

WILPF will organize its national membership to continue and intensify our efforts for democracy, disarmament, economic and racial justice. We particularly call on women, whose rights have been so seriously diminished and disregarded in the past four years, to join us in mobilizing for the linked causes of peace and liberty. In 2005, as this administration enters its second term, WILPF will enter its 9th decade of working to MAKE PEACE A REALITY. In the aftermath of an election campaign so sadly corrupted by manipulation of the deepest human concerns for safety, we will seek our security in a global community where all work together for a better life, not only in our own country, but throughout the world.

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