New Working Name Proposed for Save the Water Issue Committee: Earth Democracy

by the Save the Water Issue Committee


As a result of recent conference calls, the Issue Group coordinating committee is proposing Earth Democracy as the new “working” name of this Issue Group that we think captures the expanded mandate of the Resolution passed at Congress


In addition, we propose to create four sub-issue groups to take up the topics of the expanded mandate and suggest: Food Democracy/Local Economy; Human Right to Water and Health; Rights of Nature; and Climate/Renewable Energy.  


We invite you to join one of the new sub-issue groups as we begin to shape the focus of our work. We will need help as we compile research for a new study guide, create new brochures and hand-outs, and prepare content for WILPF’s website re-design. 


Please join the listserve so all who are interested in one issue or another can begin to connect with each other and discuss how to move forward. As we move through this transition from the Save to Water Issue Group to the new, larger Earth Democracy Issue Group, we envision ultimately creating separate listserves for each sub-issue group and create a coordinating committee with representatives of these groups. 


Thanks and we are inspired by the possibilities of this new work together. Randa Solick, Jean Hays, Nancy Price, Nancy Munger, Linda Park and Lib Hutchby


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