Disarm Headlines and Statements

Disarm Campaign Flyer

Nagasaki Peace Declaration from the Mayor of Nagasaki

WILPF statement on the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hearing on Environmental Impact of National Missile Defense (NMD) and Weapons in Space Hears From WILPF!

WILPF statement on the controversial U.S. Nuclear Posture Review which is available as a tool for Branch action.

U.S. WILPF resolution against the manufacture, sale, and use of depleted uranium weapons.

WILPF suggestions for strengthening provisions in HR 3616, a bill which would ban US research and development of weapons in space, including our own proposed Peaceful Uses of Space Act.

Campaign Overview

The DISARM! Dismantling the War Economy Campaign has four components. We invite Branches and individual members to join us in any (or all!) of the four areas. Please use these materials as you develop your own projects in local Branches. Members-at-large with no Branch should also find much useful material as a background for research and action. Concerned WILPFers are invited to join the present steering committee in developing these materials - just contact the facilitator for each of the four components. We also invite you to explore our CALLS TO ACTION and to share your own ideas for local and coordinated national actions that can inform our fellow citizens and help stop military madness.

MilCORP ConneXion: This emphasis was chosen at our 1999 WILPF Congress and remains a primary focus of our Campaign. We seek to expose the links between the Pentagon and our weapons manufacturers, and make clear that these for-profit companies are using our tax money to actively promote both an economy dependent on military production for profit and war as an instrument of foreign policy. We also want to emphasize alternative ways to spend our tax monies that would provide more jobs and lead us into a genuine peacetime economy. Pat Birnie is volunteer coordinator.

EYE on Congress: WILPF's EYE on Congress project engages members and their communities in educating voters and politicians on peace issues. We seek to foster true security by creating greater political awareness of the war economy and its inverse connection to social spending to meet human needs. WILPF EYE contacts around the country keep themselves and their WILPF Branches informed on key issues in Congress, make their views known to their elected officials, and publicize key votes in Congress affecting peace issues and the economy. This committee is coordinated by Valerie Mullen and Yvonne Logan with staff back up from the WILPF Legislative Office in Washington, D.C..

ABOLITION: Of course our overall aim continues to be abolition of nuclear weapons and progress toward general and complete disarmament. We work in cooperation with the international WILPF Reaching Critical Will program and link to its valuable resources. A current emphasis of this portion of our campaign is on resisting missile "defense" and keeping space for peace. There are also links to our committee statement on the Nuclear Posture Review, and to our paper giving background and current US positions on the various international disarmament treaties. Carol Urner is the volunteer facilitator.

Peace Policy and the Listening Project: The committee is now developing a new tool for use during the next three years. It features a listening project, with training available for branches and individual members ready to use this tool in the community. We will listen to our neighbors, and ask how, if they want peace, they think we can move from a military to a peacetime economy. We hope to develop a People's Peace Policy, a formal document to use in the 2004 elections to push candidates to work for peace and human needs. More information will soon be posted at this site. Ellen Barfield is presently facilitating.

STOP MILITARY MADNESS! Join us as we educate ourselves, our communities and our Congressional representatives -- and then act together to dismantle this war economy and build the world of peace and freedom we all really want!

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