Death, Destruction and “Democracy

WILPF Iraq Statement 

February 5th, 2005

As the second term of President Bush’s neoconservative administration begins Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) rejects its claim to an electoral mandate. The majority of the people of the United States do not support the war on Iraq. They do not support the Bush administration’s disdain for human rights and international law. Bush foreign policies, masked by a stated intention to bring democracy to other countries, have led to unconscionable death and destruction. They foster greater hostility toward the United States throughout the world. Deaths of United States soldiers in Iraq now exceed 1400 and 9 times that have been injured. Involuntary extension of tours of duty for more troops has been announced. Though Iraqi deaths are not officially counted, an October report estimates that 100,000 or more Iraqis have died directly or indirectly as a result of the United States invasion and occupation of their country. Women are assaulted with impunity as they struggle to provide for basic family needs amid near total material destruction and social collapse in Iraq. Bush appointees sanction torture, and imprisonment and secret investigations without court review. U.S. corporations profit outrageously from the tragedy of the Iraqi people while U.S. soldiers are placed in harm’s way to carry out the administration’s neoconservative agenda.

WILPF calls upon the majority of our country, all who are opposed to the war on Iraq, to demand an end to the war and United States occupation of Iraq now. To promote this end, and to work for justice in a self-governing Iraq, we urge that our government, by executive action or Congressional mandate:

Prohibit further involuntary extended duty of US soldiers in Iraq, a form of draft;

Count and report all Iraqi deaths in reports of casualties in Iraq as well as a full count of deaths and casualties of all U.S. and other foreign nationals engaged in the war;

Honor all international laws regarding torture and the treatment of prisoners being held by the U.S., including those in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba;

End war profiteering and enact a special levy on war profits of U.S. corporations to pay for reparations and the reconstruction of Iraq, and require the employment of Iraqi nationals in current reconstruction projects;

Adopt a policy requiring that the reconstruction of Iraq be planned and controlled by the Iraqi people, with international involvement as they may determine; and

Promote participation of Iraqi women's organizations such as the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq in developing strategies to reduce violence against women and children and in planning the reconstruction of their country.

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