WILPF Online BookRead

dangerous womenJoin our second Online Bookread and discussion with other WILPF members on Jan Maher's book, Most Dangerous Women: Bringing History to Life Through Readers' Theater. The book, and the play within the book, document the efforts of nearly a century of women's involvement in the peace movement focusing on WILPF and women recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. After telling the stories of women's experiences and lives, the book then goes on to show how it can be used in classroom and community settings. The script for the play “Most Dangerous Women” is also included in the book. This bookread will provide another opportunity to add to the tools that WILPF has developed for promoting peace and inspiring others to join the peace movement. Join us by contacting scotty@wilpf.org.

See our resources page to buy the book!

This is a very popular book so don't delay in ordering. The link for the bookread site is shrunklink.com?uye

See you on the 16th.
Scotty Michaelsen
WILPF Bookread Moderator

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