Join WILPF to Demand Congo Action Now!

Become allies in the growing international movement for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Support our Congolese sisters and brothers in bringing an end to this devastating war that is being fought on the bodies of women and children.

After fifteen years of conflict, the UN has called Congo "the rape capital of the world." Watch Eve Ensler's impassioned plea for the women of Congo.


This conflict is international and complex. All warring groups are fighting over the area's vast mineral wealth—especially the minerals that we use every day in our laptop computers and cell phones. WILPF Boston Branch has been working tirelessly to enact legislation to make Massachusetts the second state after California to enact Congo Conflict Minerals legislation!




Take action now:




Here are action items if you live in Massachusetts (or can mobilize your MA friends): 


  • Contact your state senator and  representative and ask them to support the MA Congo Conflict Minerals bill (HD 04065 An Act Relative to Congo Conflict Minerals). Go to  ("Take Action") for a sample letter or email. To locate your state legislators go to
  • Add your name to THIS FORM to help us build a database of constituents who can contact specific legislators.
  • Contact Senator Scott Brown at and express your concern that he has called for a delay in federal regulations. Urge him to call on the Securities and Exchange Commission to immediately issue these regulations. Go to ("Take Action") for a sample letter or email.  Follow up with a call to Sen. Brown's Boston office at 617-565-3170.
  • Sign Congo Action Now's petition to the Massachusetts legislature.



The very first international human rights movement emerged to bring justice to Congo.



 For more information about the Democratic Republic of Congo and actions you can take, go to the Congo Action Now website at or email Pat Aron at  Congo Action Now is a project of Boston WILPF.

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