Celebrate Blue October!


Blue October is an international month of action to challenge corporate control of water and to protect water as a shared natural resource available to all.

1. Take Back the Tap! Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, one of our most important environmental laws, by calling on Congress to invest in clean, affordable public tap water for future generations. More info: vkaplan@fwwatch.org or 202-797-6556

2. Host a Tap Water Challenge in your community. Expose the truth behind the bottled water industry. More info: zrice@stopcorporateabuse.org or 617-695-2525

3. Find out who controls your water. Call your Mayor, City Council member, or Public Works Department. Ask them who makes decisions about your local water supply, and tell them that you are a voter who opposes the privatization of your local water supply.

4. Pledge to break the bottled water habit, and urge any groups you are a part of to do the same and switch to serving pitchers of tap water (filtered, if necessary) at public events (neighborhood association, faith-based group, labor union, etc). 

6. Stop bulk water transport and sales. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) launched by Pres. Bush with Mexican and Canadian leaders in 2005, would create Super-Corridors between the 3 countries with privatized highways and pipelines carrying bulk water for profit. Sign the petition opposing SPP at http://www.thealliancefordemocracy.org/SPP or 781-894-1179

 On October 31, 2004, the people of Uruguay voted to amend their constitution to recognize the fundamental right to water. Their Constitution now guarantees that piped water and sanitation be available to all Uruguayans, and it bans for-profit corporations from supplying this public good. Blue October celebrates this historic move by challenging corporate control of water through global action!

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