WILPF Had a Presence at Camp Hope 2009 in Chicago

Camp Hope WebsiteMore than 200 years ago, the American revolutionary Thomas Paine epitomized the spirit of WILPF when he said:  “The world is my country, all [hu]mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” With the inauguration of Barack Obama, the world truly is our country and there is much good work for all of us to do.
People from around the country went to Hyde Park, IL for Camp Hope (http://www.camphope2009.org/), a historic gathering of activists pushing for positive transformation.
This 19-day, progressive Inauguration Celebration urged President-Elect Obama to take eight executive actions in his first month in office. These early steps – based on his campaign commitments – will set the course for more profound policy changes.
Camp Hope took place from January 1 through the 19.  “WILPF Day” was held on January 9 and organizers hoped to have at least 20 representatives from every branch participate in WILPF Day.  This was WILPF members' chance to be part of this historic call for hope and peace.
For information about Camp Hope, go to http://camphope2009.org/ .

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