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WILPF US Section Branch Reports Summer 2007


Dee Hunt emailed the following to me: “In April 2007, we hosted Jody Dodd, U.S. WILPH leadership and outreach coordinator, who conducted workshops on non-violence and civil disobedience at local churches and at the university, in addition to speaking about water privatization and pathways to resisting the Iraq war.  She also gave us a wonderful orientation about WILPF and had great suggestions for fundraising and building membership.

Photos from the 2007 JAPA's Book Awards

San Francisco WILPF put together this Flickr slideshow of April's Jane Addams Book Awards. Click here to check it out!

More info on the JAPA Book Awards here!

A WILPF Sponsored Soccer team

WILPF Soccer girlsThe Santa Cruz branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is sponsoring a girl's soccer team to honor the memory of Alice Davis, a long time supporter of women's rights who passed away December 10, 2006. Sponsoring the team, which carries the WILPF Dove on its uniforms, also honors Title 9's bestowing of equal sports opportunities for girls which Alice strongly supported during her lifelong stuggle for justice. As part of its Water Is a Human Right Campaign, the WILPF branch also gave each team member a metal water bottle, avoiding the polluting and health-endangering risks of the usual plastic containers. The team plays on Saturdays at Branciforte Middle School. Pictured are team members Rachel Hendsbee, Claire Kempf, and Mirsa Freed. WILPF members Sandy Silver, Jennifer Pitino, and Sara O'Rourke, whose daughter Anna Marie is also on the team, attended the team's first game of this season on Saturday, September 8.

WILPF in Minneapolis September 23 2007

mpls september 23 2007

Doris of the WILPF Minneapolis chapter at the September 23 antiwar demonstration in front of the MN State Capitol Building called by Minnesota unions.

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