Branch Mailing Fall 2005

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
Arundhati Roy

Hello Branch Leaders! October 2005

There is a storm brewing. Literally….Hurricane Rita is gaining speed as I write this letter to you. New information on Katrina surfaces every day, information that further implicates the U.S. Government in the devastation. Global Warming is still somehow “debatable”.

The storm that I am referring to, however, is blowing a gale into the sails of the movement for peace and justice. People are angry, confused, and anxious to do something. By the time you get this mailing, thousands of people will have converged in Washington D.C. on September 24 to shut down the war and bring the troops home now. Cindy Sheehan has worked her way into our nation’s consciousness and created quite the media frenzy in the process. And WILPF members from all over the country are agitating, aggravating and getting ready to plunge into the fall, full speed ahead.

This Branch Mailing is PACKED with useful updates, information, and resources for you to share with your branch. In addition to information from the campaigns and issue committees, make sure to check out the Racial Justice Project Proposal Form. Apply for a Racial Justice mini-grant! Also, make sure to take note of the Invitation to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Register now to take part in this important UN meeting. Also, please make sure to fill out the enclosed EVALUATION form and send it back to Race Street. I want to be able to tailor these mailings to meet your needs!

Thanks to all who came out to make the 29th Annual WILPF Congress in San Francisco a huge success! We had over 200 people, and some incredibly dynamic plenaries to kick off our new campaigns. Make sure to check out the Congress Seeds of Change summary….it is amazing the kind of ideas we can come up with when we put our heads together. The WILPF 90th Anniversary Celebration was quite the affair, with some truly inspiring artists, including WILPF sponsor Sonia Sanchez, providing us with the evening’s entertainment. And out of the Congress came the Youth Caucus-a space for WILPF members under 30 to organize around issues that are important to them.

Also, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Kate Zaidan and I am the new WILPF Program Coordinator. I spent the last two years as the National Coordinator for the Student Environmental Action Coalition and I’m now very excited to be part of the WILPF team! If you need anything from me, please email

Kate Zaidan
Program Coordinator

Table of Contents
Program Update
Fall 2005

1. Save the Water Campaign Update

2. Women Challenge U.S. Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East

3. Issue Committee Updates

4. Other WILPF Updates

5. Resources and Coalitions

6. Evaluation

  • Please fill out and return to the National Office! 1213 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

7. Branch Directory

8. Branch Report

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