a poem by Rowan Walter

Go away.

Just go away now.

That is what the animals in the war zone

are all thinking,

saying, practically screaming

at the soldiers.

The wildlife: ground, trees, sky,

hate wars with a passion.

It dries the ground,

the toxic fumes

kill trees and animals.

The bombs blow up everything.

The animal families are in despair:

Stop hurting our land,

our earth, our home.

Please just leave,

you are killing us and everything.



Voices from WILPF Israel: Daphne Banai & Taghrid Shbita

by C.J. Minster

The women of Los Angeles, recognizing the extraordinary peace work done by Daphne Banai & Taghrid Shbita, members of WILPF Israel, brought them to the US for a mini-tour. They spoke at three events this weekend and are travelling to San Francisco for another engagement. I attended today's lecture and had the pleasure of meeting Taghrid & Daphne at a pot luck after the event.

"Fidel's Final Victory"

posted by C.J. Minster

[Editor's note: this post was written by Cindy Domingo, Branch Representative on the National Board and member of the Women & Cuba Issue Committee. Cindy lives in Seattle, Washington.]

Star Wars, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and Human Travel to Mars

posted by C.J. Minster

[Editor's Note: the following post was written by Mort Frank, member of the WILPF Philadelphia branch Military Affairs Committee in response to "Look Up! Is It a Threat? Or a Plea for a Ban?," by William J. Broad in the Sunday NY Time's Week in Review.]

A Modern History of Cuba by Lisa Valenti, member of the Women & Cuba Issue Committee

posted by C.J. Minster

[Editor's Note: This post is a reaction to the article "After Castro: What Was Once Theirs," by Anthony DePalma that appeared in The Week in Review section of the Sunday NY Times yesterday. Lisa Valenti is a member of the WILPF Pittsburgh branch and the Women & Cuba Committee of WILPF US.]

Citizen's Hearing on the Legality of US Actions in Iraq

posted by C.J. Minster

[Editor's note from Carol Urner, Co-Chair of the WILPF Disarm Committee: MacGregor Eddy and Linda Richards are representing the WILPF Disarm Committee at the Citizen's Hearing on the Legality of US Actions in Iraq. A carload from the WILPF Ashland, OR branch also drove up -- a two day trip for them and will be reporting back to us when they return.]

Dispatch from Carol Urner at the Bio-Weapons Conference in Geneva

Bio-Weapons Treaty Sixth Review Conference
Dispatch from Carol Urner at the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. Carol is the co-chair of the WILPF US Disarm! Dismantle the War Economy Committee. She is also the co-chair of the WILPF International Peace & Security Working Group. This dispatch was written regarding yesterday's proceedings.

NOTE: Contact me with questions and comments at carol.disarm@gmail.com. The UN chambers have wireless and I will try to respond.

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