Peace in Asia and the Pacific: Alternatives to Asia-Pacific Militarization

As the U.S. persists in military interventions across the Middle East, Central Asia, and expansion into East Asia, and while the U.S. economy AND people continue to struggle under the burden of excessive military spending, East Asian and Pacific nations are caught up in costly and dangerous arms races. In October of 2011, representatives of WILPF's newly merged End Wars and DISARM Issue Committees attended Peace in Asia and the Pacific: Alternatives to Asia-Pacific Militarization -  a two day conference organized by American Friends Service Committee and the American University Nuclear Policy Institute. The overarching goal of the conference was to build capacity and solidarity between U.S. and Asia-Pacific peace movements: to challenge Asia-Pacific militarism; advocate for constructive alternatives; and promote economic security. 



To read WILPF’s Issue Committee members’ full report click here.




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