WILPF Action Toolkit on the Arms Trade Treaty


by Ms. Ray Acheson, Project Director, Reaching Critical Will


Image courtesy of ControlArms

Reaching Critical Will has prepared an action toolkit for WILPF members onthe Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This packet includes background about the treaty, information about WILPF's position, and ideas for advocacy that each section can undertake. Please find the toolkit online by clicking here.



On February 13–17, 2012, all UN member states will gather in New York for the final ATT Preparatory Committee (PrepCom). This meeting will be primarily focused on procedural matters for the negotiating conference, which will be held on July 2–27, 2012. Reaching Critical Will, WILPF's disarmament project, will be monitoring this final PrepCom. As with the past three PrepComswe will be posting statements and documents onlineand coordinating and writing for a daily newsletter and online blog together with activists from other organizations.


All WILPF members are encouraged to meet with their government officials to discuss the upcoming ATT negotiations. Advocacy at the local and national levels is absolutely vital to successful negotiations at the international level. By coordinating with WILPF members around the world meeting with their governments to discuss the ATT, Reaching Critical Will will be in a much stronger position to engage with governments at the UN. The most important thing is to demonstrate WILPF’s visibility in the national arena—you do not need to be an expert on the ATT or the UN. Rather, we just need our members to ask their governments what their position is and to raise some of the points outlined in the action pack.

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