Make a Difference Today! WILPF Annual Appeal



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Dear WILPF Members,

We invite you to welcome the new year by renewing your membership in WILPF using the updated Join WILPF webpage

Last spring, the WILPF membership ratified changes to the WILPF dues structure, officially adopting a sliding scale of $15–$150 annually. By holding the base membership rate steady at $15—an amount equal to our annual international per member assessment—we hope to maintain maximum accessibility to the benefits of WILPF membership while sustaining the flow of unrestricted operating income WILPF needs to flourish. Thus far, this seems to be the case. Our base of supporters grows every day and new members are stepping forward to support WILPF financially as well as with their activism. 

And, it is this activism that strengthens WILPF nationally and internationally in a mutual exchange of energies. With your support, WILPF looks forward to another year of amplifying the local activism of our members through its minigrant program, e-actions, publications, and issue committee structure for scaling up promising initiatives. We are pleased to announce Fall Mini-Grant Awards to:  the Washington D.C. Branch for its campaign to ban uranium weapons; the Cape Cod Branch to organize a “Roots of Violence, Seeds of Change” Conference in May 2012; the Milwaukee Branch to create human rights trainings and innovative branch outreach materials as follow up to their SCR 1325 Consultation; the DISARM Issue Committee for their ongoing work to ban nuclear weapons; the Monterey County Branch to support their mentoring of students groups involved in the local Occupy Movement;  and the newly named “Earth Democracy” Committee’s campaign to promote the “Precautionary Principal” and  “Rights of Future Generations”, as well as prepare for their accepted panel at the World Water Forum in Marseille, France.

At the same time, WILPF invigorates your grassroots organizing by providing materials, access to international meetings, and national coordination. In that vein, WILPF was pleased to invite members Suzia Aufderheide (OR), Theresa El-Amin (GA), Sydney Gliserman (MA), Sheila Martel (MD), Andrea Olsen (MT), Candace Perry (MA), Karen Osborn Pope (WI), and Nicole Scott (MI) to attend the 2012 meetings of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women as participants in its Local to Global program, focused in 2012 on bringing the know-how of rural women to bear in efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger and on strengthening WILPF’s Earth Democracy programming. 

WILPF members in Burlington (VT) City Park "blow the whistle" to raise awareness about continuing violations of women's human rights locally and globally on December 10, International Human Rights Day

WILPF members Sulma Kahlid and Chris Morin along with National Director Tanya Henderson participate in Civil Society Consultation on U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security


WILPF members Tzili Mor, Grace Aaron, Carol Urner and C.J. Minster share WILPF’s report on the U.S. National Action Plan with attendees at the U.S. Human Rights Network’s conference in Los Angeles, December 9-11


2012, an election year, promises to challenge all of us to remain centered and focused on long term goals and lasting change. Even while we make individual decisions to financially support progressive candidates and participate in electoral races, WILPF must keep its collective eyes on changing the structures that promote violence and entrench injustice. More than ever, we need to embrace the differences among us in hopes of shaking out the truth of emerging situations and identifying points of real leverage. Just as WILPF members both took to the streets and to the halls of the United Nations in 2011, we will want to pursue multiple paths—without turning on or away from each other. 

Consider making 2012 the year that you deepen your involvement in WILPF at the national level. We are currently recruiting for two U.S. section representatives to the United Nations (2 year terms) and a committee chair to jump start planning for the 2014 WILPF National Congress. For information on these leadership positions and other committee appointments, please visit or contact nominating committee chair Darien DeLu at

Consider also how your personal and political life is enriched by your participation in an international women’s organization with an illustrious past and vital future. The revamped Join WILPF webpage invites members to actively engage with WILPF International’s Peacewomen and Reaching Critical Will projects by subscribing to their respective e-newsletters. At the same time, a collective of energetic members from WILPF sections throughout the Americas have published the inaugural edition of a new bi-lingual WILPF publication UNITAS/United which we hope will become a regular benefit for our members. 

The annual appeal letter you received earlier this month highlights some of our collective WILPF efforts and successes from 2011. You—our WILPF members—have been both busy and effective this past year. I hope that during this season of re-connecting with friends and family you’ll choose to also re-commit to making WILPF your activist homebase for the future. It is in the exchange of energies among us that we co-create the power to create lasting change. 

Warm regards,

Laura Roskos, President U.S. Section




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