Nuclear Posture Review Statement

Nuclear Posture Review Promotes National Insecurity

Statement of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
1213 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

March 17, 2002

We, in the United State Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), are outraged by the recent secret report prepared by the Pentagon, at the administration's request, regarding possible use of nuclear weapons against seven targeted countries including China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria, and the proposal to bring a new generation of weapons of mass destruction to battlefield situations.

First of all, it is appalling to note that the leaders of this country have not learned the lesson of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did more than 210 thousand people die in vain a half a century ago? Regardless of the nature of international conflicts, use of nuclear weapons is not acceptable - not by a rogue state, or by the United States. The United Nations has worked and many treaties have been signed to discourage research, testing, production, and further proliferation of nuclear weapons. Disregarding these treaties is affront to basic human decency.

There is a general understanding that efforts should be made to work with other countries including some of the targeted nations, to eliminate terrorism. Threatening these countries with possible use of "tactical nuclear weapons" will destroy any credibility and any chance of developing normal diplomatic relations based on the mutual trust.

This hostile posture of George Bush will adversely affect potential trade relationships that the US tax payers have supported over years and nullify much of the work that has been done by the US diplomats since President Nixon reopened the trade relationship with China and other countries. Instead, we would see an even greater arms race, in this post cold war era. Increased production of radioactive weapons would increase risk of contracting cancer and other diseases connected to radioactive contamination in US soil, water and air posing immediate dangers to the residents of this country.

There will be a grave danger that nations bearing unfriendly notions against our country will be even more emboldened to go forward with their hostile actions, and the US people will be exposed to escalating NATIONAL INSECURITY, and the added danger of presumed retaliation, possibly even greater than the attacks perpetrated on September 11.

Therefore, as the oldest peace activist organization of women we are committed to take a leadership role in protesting the preposterous war making activities conducted by the current administration. We were compelled to issue this statement because we deeply love our country and the people in it.

Originally drafted by
WILPF Disarmament Campaign Cochairs

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