DU Small Grant in Support of Upcoming 2012 UN Resolution on Depleted Uranium

WILPF DC Branch member Isabel Macdonald has contacted WILPF U.S .Branches which have received information relating to the international campaign to ban the use of Depleted Uranium weapons along with the DVD “Uranio 230 - The Pentagon's Dirty Pool,” produced by the San Jose, Costa Rica Quaker Peace Center.

Isabel Macdonald is in the process of encouraging Branches to show the documentary initially in monthly Branch meetings. Responses have varied from enthusiastic to others informing of organizational problems.

Examples of activities have been reported by the Ashland, Oregon Branch which held a public showing at the Ashland Public Library with approximately 15 members and 3 visitors at its June meeting. The Ashland, OR Branch will continue doing outreach with other peace and justice groups in southern Oregon and northern California as well as include this issue as they have done in the past in their annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki August 3 day vigil. Ashland is ready to support letter writing campaigns beginning at the vigil.

The Missouri Branch reported a good session with nine attendees who were impressed with the video and suggested contacting PBS's Independent Lens, contacting cable companies for Public Access Programming, and getting support from Veterans for Peace and Iraq and Vietnam Veterans against the War. Two upcoming events/actions are our participation in the Annual Convention of Veterans for Peace in Miami in August as well as encouraging support for HR 248, the Depleted Uranium Screening and Testing Act. More information to follow.

Isabel is preparing a report shortly of events planned for near future and follow up steps, all leading for support to U.N October First Committee Resolution on uranium weapons. Isabel reported on call with DISARM members and contact with Ray Acheson of Reaching Critical Will in New York in July who has offered ideas regarding a tool kit and other lobbying strategies. The WILPF DC Branch plans to meet with Doug Weir, Coordinator of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons who visits from Manchester, England, in conjunction with its July meeting.

More information can be found at: www.bandepleteduranium.org.

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