Corporations v Democracy Issue Committee

The Corporations v. Democracy Issue Committee is dedicated to understanding how corporations use their illegitimate constitutional "rights" and powers to define our law, politics, jurisprudence, work, technologies, food, communities... you name it! We do this by learning and helping others to learn how we got into this mess through the discovery and study of hidden histories. At the same time, we rethink WILPF activism in the context of our right to self governance and the meaning of real (radical) democracy, including the skills required to put it into practice.

RESOLUTION of the New Hampshire Democratic Party Declaring that Corporations Shall Not Be Considered “Persons”

Whereas: Interpretation of the US Constitution by federal judges to include corporations in the term "persons" has long enabled corporate directors, managers, agents and attorneys to act to nullify the fundamental and constitutional rights of human persons;

The illegitimate judicial and legislative designation of corporations as "persons" and the bestowal of constitutional power and aut

Challenge Corporate Power Conference a Huge Success!

The Des Moines branch has found a way to Challenge Corporate Power and Assert People's Rights in front of a large, enthusiastic audience--an example that might inspire other branches to follow suit. Over the past two or three years the branch has conducted the ten-session WILPF course fifteen to twenty times for groups of six or seven participants.

Links to Collaborative Organizations and to Resources for the Campaign

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Corporations v.

Corporate Power Resources and Readings

Articles and Other Readings from the CCP, APR Campaign

Single Payer Is Coming
by Mary Zepernick, May 2009.

Abolish Corporate Personhood Organizing Packet

This organizing packet is designed to help you join with others to Abolish Corporate Personhood. This is an opportune time to build coalitions and public support in communities all over the country around the notion that only human beings should govern. Corporations have no “business” impersonating us!

The goals of this effort are to: