Links to Collaborative Organizations and to Resources for the Campaign

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Corporations v. Democracy Issue Committee (us!) has a downloadable organizing packet on "Abolish Corporate Personhood," 10-session study curriculum "Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights," Santa Clara Blues booklet, and the Personhood Timeline with explanatory notes.

Reclaim Democracy has information on the Nike v. Kasky case and lots of First Amendment/Personhood articles and cases. They also have a list of inks to other sites and organizations.

Aurora is a Canadian foundation working on corporate power issues and abolishing corporate personhood in Canada.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund has great resources on the Pennsylvania cases - Porter and Licking ordinances abolishing corporate personhood, the commerce clause and contracts clause, and legislation banning corporate ownership of farms to keep out factory hog farms.

The Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy website includes essays and articles from the POCLAD group and cartoons by Matt Wuerker.

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County has resources on Measure F legislation and other Arcata initiatives to control corporate power and build people power.

Redwood Coast Alliance for Democracy has the resolution on corporate personhood in the city of Point Arena, CA - both the original resolution text and the one finally passed, the Declaration to End Corporate Personhood, and Santa Clara Blues.

Website for Thom Hartmann's book Unequal Protection on Corporate Personhood and other interesting stuff.

Big Medicine website on corporate personhood. It includes many articles they have collected and things that are nowhere else.

San Francisco group working to pass a resolution through the SF Board of Supervisors abolishing corporate personhood. There is a an unmoderated list serve on yahoo that is quite lively. It also has meetings and events listed.

Essential Action,is part of the site for the Nader founded group Essential Information. It has a section on commercial free speech and other issues covered by Multinational Monitor.

New Rules Project works on legislation, including overturning corporate personhood. is a very funny website where you can invest in sabotage. Be sure to watch the promotional is about personhood (to watch it, click "Materials" then "Promo. video"). These are the folks that switched the voice boxes of Barbie and GI Joe. is George Draffen's wonderful corporate research website. Click "Primer" then "A Little History" for a 13 page listing of corporate history.

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