Spreading the Good Word about WILPF/ UFORJE

left - Lettie Polite, UFORJE co-chair
middle - Kweisi Mfume, former NAACP President& CEO
right - Sha'an Mouliert, UFORJE Theater of the Oppressed trainer

Spreading the Good Word about WILPF/ UFORJE
by Lettie Polite, UFORJE Co-Chair, Asheville, NC branch

What an interesting and valuable experience for spreading the good news about WILPF and UFORJE- networking with the many different people in attendance at the NAACP National Convention in Philadelphia in July. Sha’an Mouliert, Jody Dodd, Amy Kwasnicki, two interns from the National office, and I were there at our booth throughout the convention. People came, listened, asked questions, and purchased materials and merchandise.

We were very proud to be the only Women’s Peace Organization, in fact the only Women’s Organization there. Our printed material was depleted and had to be re-supplied. Interest in WILPF was generated by the information given verbally and through brochures and other books and printed material. Men even purchased material especially buttons to carry back to their respective communities.

It energized us to see the interest generated in learning more about UFORJE and WILPF. Over 90 people signed up at our table for more information about WILPF. Not only did we spread the word but were very proud of the fact Kweisi Mfume, National President of the NAACP, visited our booth and took time to pose with us for pictures.

He, just as many others, was surprised at the work that WILPF has done and still does, and the fact that it is the oldest women’s peace organization in the world.

If I had one wish it would be that WILPF could be exhibited at every major convention
of that or greater magnitude, hoping that it would generate members.

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