2007 WILPF 29th International Congress

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Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Hotel Camino Real
21-27 July, 2007

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We call on WILPF members and our friends around the world to attend the 29th International Congress in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the 21 – 27 July 2007.

This is the second WILPF Congress held in Latin America, the second in Bolivia. In 1992 we were hosted by our Bolivia Section during the 500th anniversary year of the invasion of the Americas by the Europeans and we focused our attention on the consequences of the conquest on indigenous peoples in the hemisphere. Nearly 100 indigenous women participated in our 1992 pre-Congress seminar.

In the last 15 years Bolivia has gone through a period of increased poverty, privatization of its resources such as water, and structural adjustment policies imposed on the country that have kept Bolivia the poorest country in South America.

With great courage and determination, the indigenous peoples of Bolivia have caught the world’s attention by contesting the exploitation of their water, resources and lands while they live in poverty.

The resistance emerging throughout Latin America offers one of the most interesting regions of the world in struggling for change and “another possible and necessary world”.

We invite you to join us in this critical time for the planet and for peace. We call on you to join your voices for peace, for a healthy planet, for dignity and for life.

Regina Birchem, International President

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Please keep these dates in mind when planning your travel. Additional program informaiton will be available soon.

21 July 2006
Arrival of Congress delegates and participants
Morning: International Officers’ Meeting
Afternoon: Standing Finance Committee Meeting|
After coffee break: Pre-Congress IEC
Evening: Welcome dinner for all participants

26 July
Noon: Closing plenary of Congress
Afternoon: Post Congress IEC
Evening: Closing dinner and party

27 July
Departure after breakfast
Afternoon: New and Old Officers’ meeting

Why hold the Congress in Bolivia?

1.First and the most important thing is we are confronting a difficult economic situation in Bolivia, most people are emigrating from Bolivia, because they cannot find jobs. To hold a conference and spend money in Bolivia helps the economy.

2. In order to support the Bolivians in their fight against reducing the national debt by reducing social services, especially in health and education.

3. To witness first hand a country run by a newly elected progressive indigenous government.

Where will the Congress be held?

WILPF's 29th International Congress will take place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We will stay and meet at the Hotel Camino Real. The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful residential areas of Santa Cruz, only minutes away from the downtown area and all its cultural, commercial, business and leisure attractions.

Price per person includes:

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, including two coffee breaks with pastries.
- Shared double rooms, each room has a private bathroom.
- Use of the spa, business center and the meeting room that we will use.
- Transportation to and from the airport.

Participants are expected to arrive for lunch on 21 July and depart after breakfast on 27 July. The price for meals and lodging during this period will be $650 (US Dollars).


Located an altitude of 416 meters above sea level, Santa Cruz has a sunny and semi-tropical weather, with an average temperature of 21C (70F) on winter and 32C (90F) on summer. During winter, rainfall occurs in short downpours, but on summer a single deluge can last for days. Santa Cruz also experiences heavy and chilly winds called surazos that blow in from the Argentine pampas.

If you are interested in attending the Congress, please send your contact details (Name, Address, Email, Telephone) to our acting Congress Coordinator. Registration forms and more details about the Congress will be posted on this site shortly.

Visa Information

In order to enter Bolivia it is necessary to have a valid passport or a visa granted to you for 30 or 90 days according to the agreement with the country of origin.

The countries(where we have Sections) that DO NOT require visas are:
Germany, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, El Salvador, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Perú, Sweden, Switzerland, and countries of the Caribbean.

Countries (where we have Sections) that require visas without previous consultation: Albania, Belarus, Russia, Cuba, El Salvador, Venezuela and the United States.

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