Spring Forward in 2009 and Save the Water

 “Just say ‘No” to Bottled Water.” Bottled water is expensive, wasteful, and it is not so pure. Individuals can make a difference by boycotting bottled water. Water is a Human Right and an Earth Right – Not a Commodity. 

  • Handout our bottled water-shaped flyer link http://www.wilpf.org/docs/BottleWaterHandoutSmall.pdf   and have sign-up sheets to capture names at your event.
  • Take a picture and write a brief note about your event/action to post to Save the Water-Taking Action and send to nancytprice@juno.com.

  • Purchase our new  Say No! To Bottled Water T-shirts (picture coming soon) Short and long-sleeved shirts of 50/50 cotton/polyester in S, M, L, and XL @$15.00, plus $5.00 to ship 2-3 shirts. To order, email Jean Hays, Fresno Branch, at Skyhorse3593@sbcglobal.net
  • Make Events Bottled Water Free  
    If you or your WILPF branch participates in events help make them “bottled water free!”  Work with your city Public Works and Parks Department to supply a bulk-water dispensing tanker  and have plastic-free cups and fill-ups for people with their own containers.
    For Earth Day, Santa Cruz WILPF arranged for a filter company to bring equipment to the WILPF table and to hook up to municipal water to serve cups and provide for fill-ups. This is an experiment and Randa Solick, Santa Cruz, will report back if this is practical and works out, so others may replicate. We wish them good luck!
    This year’s theme is: The Green Generation. Go to http://www.earthday.net/  You can register your Earth Day action at their website: http://earthday.net/user   

    On the Earth Day website under News, there is a “Letter to Secretary Clinton: “Women of the World Need Safe Water” listed at http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2009/03/25-2 .  BEWARE: this letter does not advocate for the “human right to water,” but for public-private partnerships between government and the private sector and implicitly supports water as a human need and a commodity.  The women signing this letter represent organizations that support privatization.  

Here are  suggestions for action:

  • At your park, garden, creek or river bank pour out  bottles of water to replenish Mother Earth and make a statement that you are “Taking the Pledge” not to buy or drink bottled water. Let the press know the “when, where, and what” of your action. Take along our bottled-water shaped handout  (you can download it from: http://www.wilpf.org/docs/BottleWaterHandoutSmall.pdfand a sign-up sheet to take names of the people who attend your action.  

    Here’s a song from the Raging Grannies to sing.
    Bottled Water (Tune: Roll Out the Barrel)

    • Forget  bottled water It’s worse for your health than you think.
    • Chemicals transfer to YOU every time that you drink
    • Those plastic bottlesAre so BAD for you and the planet
    • Corporate control of water. Let’s all try to ban it.

  • Go to your favorite local restaurants. Ask if they have bottled water on the menu, if they do, ask if they would replace bottled water with glasses or pitchers of water. If they agree to do so and join the many restaurants nationwide that are “Taking the Pledge,” ask if you may add the restaurant’s name to our Save the Water list and send it to nancytprice@juno.com. Let’s see how many restaurants across the country we can list.
  • Go to your Mayor and make sure that your city government no longer supplies bottled water at municipal meetings and events. At the U.S. Conference of Mayors, June 2008, the Mayors passed a resolution to encourage all mayors to phase out their cities’ spending on bottled water and promote tap water. link http://www.alternet.org/water/89148/ 

  • Where Have All The Fountains Gone
    Let’s start a “Water on Tap” Campaign. Do a survey of where some of the public fountains are in your town or city – in parks and public buildings: make a list and mark them on a town map to hand out along with the bottled water flyer. If the fountains need repair make a report to the Public Works Department. Making the public aware of the location of fountains may help reduce the use of bottled water and the amount of plastic trash.  This measure will back up your Mayor’s pledge to not have bottled water available at city meetings and events.  

    Be the first WILPF Branch to make a list and map and we’ll post it to the website.  

  • JUNE 5: PLAN FOR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY June 5: World Environment Day (go to http://www.unep.org/wed/2009/english/ ) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.  Each year a different theme is highlighted and a different city hosts the conference  – this year’s theme is: “Your Planet Needs You-Unite to Combat Climate Change” hosted by Mexico City. 
    (go to

    The UN’s Environment Programme urges every person, business, and government agency to assess their “output” of greenhouse gases and make a commitment to become efficient, reduce their carbon footprint, and switch to “buy green and sell green.”  

    On June 5: Just Say “No” to Bottled Water. Under The World Environment Day Alphabet of Actions (http://www.unep.org/wed/2009/english/content/alphabet.asp ) you’ll find many ideas for actions that include “reduce litter and waste less,” but nothing about bottled water as a wasteful commodity with high carbon footprint.  

    So Plan now for a “Save the Water Day” action around bottled water. Maybe a two-for-one action: Say “No” to bottled water and pour the water back into the environment.
    Register your action at http://www.unrep.org/wed/2009/english/content/register.asp  and document your action for WILPF with photos and a short description that we can post.

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