Join In Protesting U.S. Launch of a Minuteman III Nuclear Missile

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WILPF Lifetime Member MacGregor Eddy
of the Watsonville, CA Branch and others
protest at Vandenburg Air Force Base

WHEN: The launch is scheduled for June 29 at some time after midnight.  The protest vigil will begin just before midnight on June 28 and continue until after the launch occurs. Most participants will be coming by Green Tortoise bus originating in San Francisco at 4 pm on Sunday, June 28 and returning by 8 am on Monday, June 29.

WHERE: At the front gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base: at the intersection of Highway 1 and the Casamila-Lompoc Road ( six miles north of Lompoc on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, California.)

The base is a key component of the U.S.SPACE COMMAND and is home to U.S. missile defense interceptors.  It is the major launch site for both interceptor tests and military satellites. This will be the first nuclear missile test since the election of President Obama.

WHY: WILPF believes the test launch of a nuclear weapon sends a dangerously contradictory message to the world. This is true even though it will carry only dummy nuclear warheads. President Obama has promised that the United States will now lead the way toward abolition of nuclear weapons.  Continued testing of nuclear missiles  is totally inconsistent with such leadership and endangers us all.

HOW TO TRAVEL:  Most participants will travel by Green Tortoise bus.  It will originate in San Francisco at 4 pm on Sunday, June 28 and will stop at other California towns to pick up passengers on the way south to Vandenberg. Participants from northern California and out-of-state can connect in San Francisco. The bus is expected to be back in San Francisco by 8 am on Monday, June 29. Estimated cost is $60 per passenger. The bus is set up for discussion, learning and strategizing re nuclear weapons abolition (and demilitarizing space!)  on the way down.   On the way back those who wish can nap in cozy bunks.

CONTACT: MacGregor Eddy for more information and to reserve a place on the bus.  Email . Telephone 1-831-206-5043.


Western States Legal Foundation ( Andrew Lichterman of  Western States Legal Foundation will join the bus in San Francisco and participate in discussions of nuclear weapons abolition on the way to Vandenberg.  He will also speak at the Vandenberg Gate vigil. WILPF member Jackie Cabasso is Executive Director of the Foundation.

Green Tortoise bus: ( ).This looks like a fun way to travel – leave it to the Californians and their hippy legacy from years past.

Reports on recent progress in the United Nations on the way to nuclear weapons abolition.  This is due to positive shifts in disarmament policies by the Obama Administration.  We must not allow continued research and development on U.S. nuclear weapons to negate this progress!  For a report on new hope at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Com in April read Ray Acheson’s final Reaching Critical Will report on the meetings here.  (

Also read Ray’s May 29 report on the radical shift in the Conference on Disarmament, official body for negotiating disarmament treaties, here. (

This is also a direct result of the shift in U.S. foreign policy on nuclear weapons abolition and on disarmament issues in general.

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