Practicing Peace in WILPF: Wisdom Survey

 Please fill out the online PP Wisdom Survey here.

Do you follow a format for consensus building when collaborating with other members, or have a practice for non-violent communication or conflict resolution? How do you instill peaceful communication into your group meetings? Would you be willing to answer a few questions so we can learn from you? We are the Practicing Peace Ad-Hoc Committee established at last April’s annual Board meeting, with the charge of generating peaceful communication processes for internal and external use by WILPF. You might have seen last spring’s E-news notice inviting members to join the group. (See,  

Our current mission is to review current practice and recommend either adopting an existing process or formulating a customized system. This is where you come in; we want to tap into your wisdom and experience! Our main interest lies in the tools, resources and structures that you use to practice peace as individuals and as members of a WILPF committee or branch We want to hear about the formal or informal approaches that enable you to work together successfully, with the peace that is so important to all of us, integrated throughout.

 Please fill out the online PP Wisdom Survey here.

If you have documents describing or outlining your process, or would like to get involved with the Practicing Peace Committee’s work, please email Practicing Peace committee member Paige Williar at or Tanya Henderson, National Director WILPF-U.S. at /617-266-0999.

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