A War Economy or an Economy for Peace?

Sound files from A War Economy or an Economy for Peace?

  • Carol Urner introduces the workshop and a go-around
  • David Meieran on Carnegie Mellon, warfare robotics, and the military-industrial-academic complex
  • Linda Richards on Nuclear testing and uranium mining on the Western Shoshone land.
  • Bruce Gagnon on arms race in space
  • David Meieran on less than lethal weapons development in schools
  • Carol Urner: Who's Profiting? Who's Paying?
  • Jackie Cabasso on connections between Military Industrial Complex and Nuclear Weapons

The lead USSF workshop of the DISARM Committee was A Military Economy or an Economy of Peace?   

Happily staff  and key leadership from POCLAD, National Priorities Project, War Resisters League (WRL), Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, UFPJ, Western States Legal Foundation, Students for a Democratic Society and the new Bite the Bullet War Profiteering Education and Action Network all joined us to share grim information on the war economy, its profiteers and its weapons of death.

During the first hour we concentrated on who profits and who pays in the nuclear weapons industry, in space militarization and bio-weapons research, robotics and conventional weapons programs.  We shared brief descriptions of each program, and asked which corporations (and universities) are promoting and profiting from them. We also talked about who pays, including tax payers (with more than half of our taxes going to the U.S. military.) We discussed cuts in many social services, and the terrible price paid by Native Americans whose lands have been used for 80% of nuclear programs, for bombing ranges, chemical weapons storage, uranium mining and bioweapons testing.

During the second hour we explored non-violent ways to end war profiteering and develop a peace economy.  We shared many ideas for future action and public education. In the process we of course shared WILPF's extensive resources for the task. We also introduced the new Bite the Bullet Network which grew out of the Stop the Merchants of Death conference WRL and WILPF co-sponsored   in Minneapolis last September.

Expect major follow-up after this workshop. Jean Verthein (WILPF UN rep), Linda Richards(Ashland OR),  and Carol Urner (Portland OR and Los Angeles) participated for the DISARM team and Jody Dodd, Judy Claude and Linda Belle (JAPA) from WILPF staff also joined us.

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