Powering the World and the U.S. with Wind, Water, and Sunlight

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No more New or Relicensed Nuclear Power Plants!

Convert to Renewables Now!

Nuclear Power Cluster, DISARM!/End Wars Issue Committee


No to Nuclear Power! Yes to Solar, Wind, and Tides!

Can Existing Southeastern U.S. Nuclear Power Companies Convert to Solar, Wind and Tides?


WILPF Commits to a Nuclear Free Future

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days

WILPF Works for a Nuclear Free Future

By DISARM!/End Wars Issue Committee



Join End Wars/DISARM! in May for a Nuclear Free Future,

Demilitarization of the Heavens, and an End to Wars!

Moving Mountains for Peace

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Plan Now for October 2009: A Month of Anti-War Protest

Plan Now for October: A Month of Protest

October has several dates with significance for the peace movement. In October 2009, we'll mark the eighth year of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and seven years since Congress passed the resolution authorizing war against Iraq. In addition, October commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam Moratorium, which brought hundreds of thousands into the streets to protest the war.

Designate October 17 as a day for mass rallies, marches, coordinated local and regional demonstrations and other forms of protest.

Letter to Congress: Afghan Women Desperately Need Our Help

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Click here to view and download a pdf version of this letter

May 20, 2009

Dear Senator/Representative:

Afghan women desperately need our help. As you consider the FY09 supplemental funding bill, aid for critically needed educational, occupational and health programs for Afghan women and girls must be included.

We urge you to include funding in the supplemental funding bill that will go directly to Afghan women-led non-profit organizations providing programs for Afghan women and girls, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of Women's Affairs. 

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