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End Violence Against Women; Blow the Whistle!

Save the Water Issues Committee Critical Work

A resolution was passed in the WILPF National Congress to expand the scope of the Save the Water issue committee’s work to include such topics as:


The issues of corporate power and military spending have long been at the core of WILPF’s work, so it’s no surprise that WILPF women around the country have been turning out in support of their local Occupy Together movements.

Blow the whistle on militarism and violence against women!

Blow the whistle on militarism and violence against women!


August 31 eNews- Stand for Peace—Act Now!


Stand for Peace — Act Now!

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress

NCC Congress Workshops: Special Reports

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress Reports

Setting the Stage: Beijing +15 and Commission on Status of Women (CSW) Reports, Res. 1325 and Gender Equity

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress Speakers & Event Highlights

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress Reports

2011 U.S. WILPF Congress Reports

Enews November 2007

Welcome to the November 2007 E News!

Welcome to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom November E-News, your monthly news update from WILPF-US Section. We hope you find it informative and it will inspire you to take action. We encourage all readers to get involved!

In this edition:
Sign-on letter to Condoleezza Rice; Call for Justice in Annapolis Peace Talks

Enews October 2007

Hello WILPF members and supporters!

Welcome to the October Enewsletter!

We are sad to report that our wonderful web designer, Dave Onion, is out of the office for several weeks due to an accident. The staff at WILPF would like you to know that we are doing the best we can without him, however your October E news is a simple and straightforward look at some of the exciting happenings at WILPF. We send our best wishes to Dave in hopes that he gets well soon!

Enews September 2007

Welcome to the September E-Newsletter!

As always, September indicates a change of season, school begins, and it seems that activism is ramping up to end the War. In this Enews we have an excellent report that United For Peace and Justice has provided, the Peoples Report on the Iraq War. We hope you find it useful in your work. We also remind you to join WILPF in the streets on October 27th as we demand "Bring the Troops Home, Leave No One Behind." UFPJ has organized 14 regional actions across the country. Look for actions in your area.

1325 PeaceWomen E-News Issue #92 August 2007

from http://www.peacewomen.org

Focus on the DRC

The Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, 31 October 2000. CLICK HERE for the full text of the resolution.

To receive the 1325 PeaceWomen E-Newsletter, send an email to subscribe@peacewomen.org with "subscribe" as the subject heading.

For past issues of the newsletter, CLICK HERE.

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1. Editorial: Multiple Actors Engaging for Change in the DRC
2. Women, Peace and Security News
3. Feature Analysis:
Voices of Women from the DRC
4. Feature Initiatives:
V-Day Campaign to End Sexual Violence in the DRC
5. Security Council Monitor: 1325 in the Work of the Security Council: Resolutions and Reporting on the DRC
6. Feature Resources:
Working with Men: Ending Violence in Eastern Congo & Implementing 1325
7. Translation Update: Krio translation now available, translations in Congolese languages
Women, Peace and Security Calendar

The PeaceWomen Project is a project of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Please visit us at http://www.peacewomen.org

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