October 2007 Branch Mailing

indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.


to WILPF Branch Contacts! October 2007

branch mailing, as always is full of resources for your branch to
use in local actions. As we engage in this period of transition and
strategic planning, we are coming from the framework of “watering
the seeds of WILPF”. WILPF branches are the lifeblood of WILPF
and we hope that these resources assist you in your work.

Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East
Campaign included a statement reacting to Condoleezza Rice’s
recent trip to the Middle East. The efforts of the United States to
create peace in the Middle East are at best shallow and disingenuous
so long as the siege on Gaza continues. Read the WCUSP statement for
more information. We encourage you to use the statement as a flyer,
basis for a letter to the editor, or as an educational piece for
your branch.

Save the Water Campaign is especially excited about the “Bottled
Water Free Zone” initiative. By working with local restaurants,
schools, community centers and local governments, you can have an
impact on the growing bottled water boycott! This is a direct action
campaign that includes elements of media, community outreach,
education, and targeted action. The toolkit is included in this
packet, as well as an order form for the Bottled Water Free Zone

are horrified by the events in Jena, Louisiana and by the torture
and rape of an African-American woman named Megan Williams in West
Virginia. WILPF’s Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee
is taking action on both of these issues. Educate yourself and your
branch around the issue of hate crimes, and update the Beloved
Community Issue Committee with your reports of solidarity efforts to
support the victims of these crimes. You can find contact info on
the website at www.wilpf.org/BBC

summer branch report is finished and enclosed! Find out what other
branches are working on and connect with them and with similar work!


Zaidan, Program Coordinator

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