November 16 2006 Program Update

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign
Save the Water Campaign
DISARM Issue Committee
Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee
Legislative Working Group
Women and Cuba

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East
Women Challenge U.S. Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East (WCUSP) Leadership Team members met for planning in Austin, Texas, deciding to move ahead with actions for all of our branches and members' involvement. Our first priority is the humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Territories resulting from reduction in aid to the Palestine Authority after the election of Hamas. We are calling for the restoration of humanitarian aid and not arms sales. We also will do a special mailing on involvement in the campaign via study groups, a new Visioning Project, having speakers, lobbying, and doing coalition work.

Save the Water
The Save the Water Campaign’s Leadership Team is busy designing and composing a brochure for the campaign. Nancy Price tabled for two and one-half days at the 17th Annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA. In the next weeks, the Campaign will sponsor three programs on water democracy and racial justice at which the award-winning documentary "In the Light of Reverence" will be shown. On November 30, Caleen Sisk-Franco, of the Winnemem will talk about how the Mt. Shasta spring waters that are being taken for bottling by three different corporations. On December 2, Bay Area WILPF members are invited to an afternoon showing in San Francisco. On December 6, an evening program titled "The Spirit of Water" will be sponsored at Southern Oregon University. Representatives of the Klamath and Winnemem Wintu tribes will speak. These programs are made possible through generous donation from the Pond Foundation Racial Justice Fund.

DISARM Issue Committee
Urgent EYE Alert asks members to help stop dangerous US/India nuclear deal in lame duck Congress ( Raging Grannies invited to sing at court trial . Boston Branch DISARM rep goes to the UN Bio-weapons Treaty Review Conference in Geneva ( ). WILPF joins new national network pursuing war profiteers (

Check DISARM UPDATE weekly (

Advancing Human Rights
WILPF AHR is making plans for involvement in the US Social Forum (USSF) which will be held in Atlanta June 27-July 1, 2007. WILPF will take a lead role in organizing the USSF Women's Working Group for the US Social Forum Court of Women. WILPF'ers wishing to take part in organizing the US Social Forum Court of Women please contact Pat Willis at AHR is co-sponsoring Human Rights: A tool for change in Massachusetts? Sunday, December 10, 2006 - 1pm to 5pm, Boston Public Library. This conference is an opportunity to deepen understanding of international human rights and the role in their enforcement on this 58th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Barnstable County Human Rights Commission (HRC) has been wildly active in our efforts. On September 25 at the Sandwich Town meeting we beat back an article proposed by the town selectmen that would have required all businesses to register that they did not nor would not hire undocumented workers. Also, we will celebrate International Human Rights Day on Saturday, 9 December at Cape Cod Community College.

Check out The AHR Webpage on 1325 in the US. at

WILPF Legislative Working Group
WILPF-wide Legislative Working Group (in formation)
In light of the recent election results, we would like to move quickly to create a cohesive, section-wide legislative platform. Items to be discussed include:

* Congressional Action Network (CAN) - proposed by the Cuba Committee
* Eye on Congress - expanding the Disarm Committee's e-newsletter
* Best Practices for Legislative Action Alerts
* Make Peace a Reality Postcard Project
* Working with our active DC Branch
* Creating a virtual legislative office.

The Legislative Working Group will work over email and via conference calls. Please email Program Chair C.J. Minster ( if you are interested in participating in this working group.

Women and Cuba

Cuba Issues will meet in conference call Monday to reassess our goals and future as an issues committee. Some members will attend the Peace Women International Conference in Cuba at the end of November. The Love Loss and Longing exhibit is touring the US and recently opened in Sacramento. Be on the lookout for it in your area or arrange a booking through the Latin American Working Group.(
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