The issues of corporate power and military spending have long been at the core of WILPF’s work, so it’s no surprise that WILPF women around the country have been turning out in support of their local Occupy Together movements.

WILPF, US has issued a statement [LINK] affirming the organization’s support for Occupy Together, but as always, the grassroots efforts of WILPF women who stand with the 99% are demonstrating our true commitment to the cause.

In Portland, Oregon, WILPF members occupied Pioneer Square, carrying “Even in the heavens war is hell” posters and distributing information about the militarization of space. Since many of the Pentagon’s unmanned drones have been developed in Oregon, they were able to make clear connections between military spending and local issues.

In Sacramento, California, WILPF women from several nearby branches joined the protests, and also donated tents, tables, and other equipment to the occupiers’ encampment.

In Boston, Massachusetts, WILPF women were among those arrested outside Bank of America. Other members have been proudly sporting their WILPF buttons at Occupy Boston General Assembly meetings.

WILPF women have also been involved in Occupy Together demonstrations in Ashland, Oregon; Bloomington, Indiana; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Des Moines, Iowa; Detroit, Michigan; Iowa City, Iowa; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Oakland, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Francisco, California; Santa Cruz, California; and Washington, DC.

If you have more stories of WILPF women’s participation in the latest form that our ongoing struggle against military spending and corporate power has taken, please send them along. Let the world know that WILPF is standing in solidarity.

Photo left: Reita Ennis and Teddi Richmond outside Bank of America shortly before being arrested (Boston)
Photo right: Carolyn Doherty, Charlotte Kish, and Kathy Russell singing “No More” (Detroit)

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