May 18, 2007 Program Update

Program Update!  A look at What's Happening In WILPF Program  

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Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign

Save the Water Campaign

DISARM Issue Committee

Haiti Issue Committee


Just a reminder of the most painless option for creating an "income stream" for WILPF and JAPA--use the link below to put the search engine button at the top of your screen-register Jane Addams Peace Association as your "charity" of choice.  Every time you use it to look something up, it donates to WILPF!

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East

WCUSP is responding to comments on the Roundtables launched earlier encouraging branches to discuss a feminist vision for Middle East peace.  We've heard from some branches that you need materials, and others that the PowerPoint presentation still needed work.  We are updating the PowerPoint to make it more useful, and expect it to be ready before the next update comes out.  Leadership team member Odile Hugonot-Haber, who has just returned from Israel and the West Bank, met with our Israel and Palestine sections and helped with their work.  We look forward to further discussions with them at the International Congress in Bolivia.

Save the Water

Commission on Sustainable Development Conference (CSD) was well attended and fruitful.  Organizing by Aislinn Ummel and presentations by Nancy Munger and Ruth Caplan were very well received. The post cards asserting, “Water as Human Rights”, and statement against privatization of water are off and running and the electronic petitions are getting encouraging amount of signatures already.  It will be presented to the UN when enough signatures were gathered. In addition, the metal water bottles (recommended by the Water Campaign Leadership Team) are available for sale.  Contact Kate at The preparation for our attendance at U S Social Forum is progressing.  The streaming banner symbolizing water and marine life will be on display at the forum.  It is “must see” item.  The workshops on “War, Water and Women” and “Our body Polluted Without our Consent” will be the topics of our presentation.

On April 28, the Northern California WILPF Branches held a cluster meeting hosted by the Fresno Branch. Nancy Price made a presentation for the Save the Save the Water Campaign on future actions in California for Blue October. The details have to be worked out, but will focus in various ways on bottled water in colloboration with other national groups. She also discussed the Security and Prospertiy Partnership of North America, the focus of an article in the latest "Peace and Freedome." At the end of the day, there was a trip to the Peace Garden at California State, Fresno, where the new bronze statue of Jane Addams has been unveiled.


Focus Issue:  URGENT! DISARM ACTION NOW! Includes legislative action information for the Program Update

May 1- 11: Follow the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Com in Vienna on the NPT News in Review at
May 3: War in Space or Life on Earth: The Choice is Ours. WILPF panel with Bruce Gagnon and Carol Urner organized by WILPF Norway at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). Scroll down for important WILPF updates on Aerospace corporation profiteering. Read the WILPF statement to the CSD NGO caucus here .

May 4: New York Times feature on Norwegian government divestiture of stock in corporations profiting from nuclear weapons, space militarization and cluster bombs. Let's support the divestiture movement in the USA NOW.


The Haiti Debt Cancellation Resolution (H.  Res.  241) has momentum-there are now 41 Cosponsors 30 of them new this month.  This progress came from work: by Reps Maxine Waters, Spencer Bachus, Luis Gutierrez and Barbara Lee, who urged their colleagues to join them in a May 3 letter; by folks at Jubilee USA Network and Haiti Reborn who have been calling members of Congress; and by hundreds of people throughout the country who have called or written to tell their representatives that debt relief for Haiti is the right thing to do.  Another 28 Representatives cosponsored the same bill last year, but have not renewed their support.

More help is on the way: A letter from over 50 religious, human rights, social justice and solidarity organizations throughout the US will be delivered to Congress on May 18, Haiti's Flag Day-traditionally a time for Haitians to celebrate independence and unity.  The rest of us can help Haitians celebrate future Flag Days by uniting this year to call our Representatives and insist on the debt cancellation that will give Haiti its financial independence.

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